Smart Spaces Partners with Pointr To Create Even Smarter Experiences For App Users

The workplace has changed dramatically - and keeps changing. Building, real estate, and facility managers are constantly looking for new ways to create and maintain a workplace that empowers employees to do their best, in a safe and engaging environment. Using technology to facilitate the way people interact, share information and work results in higher outputs, happier employees and more sustainable and environmentally friendly working conditions. 

Location services form a big part of every successful smart workplace application. Interactive floor plans, for example, can indicate which desks or lockers are free, where meeting rooms are located, and how to find important points-of-interest, like sanitation stations, elevators, or cafeterias. However, for this feature to be truly useful, it has to be accurate. 

Smart Spaces, an industry-leading smart building proptech solution and workplace engagement platform, is bringing highly accurate location technology and indoor positioning to their application through a new collaboration with Pointr. 

Pointr is the world’s best performing and only scalable indoor location and mapping platform. It brings highly accurate blue dot technology indoors to create seamless, floor-to-floor, turn-by-turn navigation experiences in the most complex of spaces. 

By integrating Pointr’s SDK into the Smart Spaces mobile app, app users are able to draw even more benefits from their Smart Spaces OS application. 

“The Smart Spaces white-label mobile app manages the entire ecosystem of the smart building, from granting access to controlling systems and energy efficiency, down to booking cars and rooms and managing emergencies,” says Matthew O’Halloran, Director, Head of Global Occupier Services at Smart Spaces. “However, to make a space truly smart, you have to be able to accurately map the space, position people within the space, and keep your maps updated as spaces change. Pointr helps us do exactly that.” 

Enabling Three’s Smart Campus in Reading and University of Birmingham’s smart university in Dubai 

Pointr and Smart Spaces are already rolling out a new smart campus application at the new headquarters of mobile network operator Three UK in Reading in 2022. This new application will enable employees to reserve desks and meeting rooms, request lighting and air conditioning adjustments and make their way around the 117,000 sqft corporate campus. 

Pointr and Smart Spaces, together with technology partner Siemens are also rolling out a new smart campus application at the University of Birmingham in Dubai in 2022. This new application will enable students and staff to reserve desks and meeting rooms, request lighting and air conditioning adjustments through the Siemens DesigoCC Building Management System and make their way around the 50,000m2 research and learning space. 

“Pointr is providing accurate, intuitive digital maps, blue dot positioning and wayfinding within the Smart Spaces app,” says Philip Lee, Partnerships Manager for Pointr. “By integrating with Smart Spaces’ cutting-edge building management system and Pointr location and navigation service, visitors will be able to seamlessly use their campus app to perform more functions than ever before.” 

Students, staff and visitors will be able to choose between various wayfinding modes, including “Step-free route”, “Comfortable route” or “Shortest route” via mobile devices or web browsers to make their way to classes and facilities in real-time. More than 2,000 Enlighted IoT sensors have been deployed in the space to ensure smooth indoor-outdoor transitioning and a highly accurate, error-free user experience.

The app is available to students as of mid-2022.