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Smart Hotel
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Create digital guest experiences that drive loyalty and revenue, improve your operations and ensure staff safety with Deep Location® technology

Great Digital Guest Experiences

Offer premium in-app services to enhance the guest experience and encourage in-app bookings.
  • Let guests choose their room on a map with filters such as bed type or proximity to elevator.
  • In-app concierge services and contextual notifications encourage hotel guests to spend more money on on-site services. For example, guests can order a meal or a drink by the pool or request customer service wherever they are.
Digital Guest Experiences

Improve Operations & Staff Safety

Identify which services and promotions best increase dwell-time, boost revenue and build guest loyalty.

Get insightful data visualizations such as heatmaps, staff dwell time and traffic flows to help operations & marketing teams increase sales & operational efficiency.

Improve operations & staff safety

Understand Your Guests

Get actionable insights to understand how your guests interact with your venues.
  • Identify your most valuable guests by time spent using hotel facilities, different hotels or zones visited and by number of visits
  • Understand what guests search for, view heatmaps, zonal footfall, path analytics
  • Measure the ROI of events, promotions and campaigns 
Location-based Analytics-1

Get Digital Maps at Scale

Get interactive and user-friendly digital maps which are integrated into your mobile and web apps, available on desktop or on digital screens.

Map instantly hundreds of buildings and ensure your maps always stay relevant with Pointr’s intuitive management interface.

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Digital mapping at scale

Accurate Indoor Positioning

Accurate positioning is the key to a good indoor location experience. Powered by 6 patented algorithms, Pointr’s indoor positioning achieves within 3 meter accuracy.

How it works
Accurate Indoor Positioning-1

Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Indoor navigation enables your guests and visitors to calculate the shortest route to their destination with step-by-step guidance.

Users can search any facility or service on a map. Pointr’s indoor navigation system then suggests a route based on user profile, time of day or any other customizable variables.

The technology achieves a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. Venue managers can easily make changes to available paths depending on their circumstances, regulate flows or user profile & preferences, and the system automatically updates in the background. Turn-by-turn directions can also be presented as voice messages in a wide range of languages.

Indoor-Outdoor Navigation-1

Location Sharing

With location sharing enable guests to share their live location with friends and family throughout the venue.

With turn-by-turn directions, guests can easily find each other or create a meeting point of the map.

Location sharing can also enable users to request immediate assistance to their exact location.

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Location Sharing-1

Contextual Notifications

Interact with any user anywhere within your buildings at any given time. Create time sensitive offers, build guest loyalty and improve your operations with contextual notifications.
  • “It's Happy Hour now, 20% off on drinks. Get directions to the bar”
  • “Thanks for your second visit this month! Get a welcome drink on us”
  • "You've left your room! Would you like it to be cleaned now?" 
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In-App Features Powered by Deep Location®

Encourage guests to book in-app by enabling smarter booking, check-in and on-site experiences

Pick Your Own Room

Let guests choose their room on a map with filters such as bed type, proximity to elevator, etc.

Intuitive Wayfinding

Let guests search for facilities and services with real-time wayfinding.

Mobile check-in and check-out

Enable guests to check-in/out from anywhereand get access to their own room with digital keys on their mobile phones.

Share Live Location

Share their live location with colleagues, friends and family. Find my Kid Feature

Order Food & Drinks at your live location

Order their favourite food & drinks at their live location

Clean my Room

Inform staff in a tap as soon as they leave the room (‘Clean my room’)

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Location Based Services

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Location Based Analytics

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Location Based Engagement

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