Security & Privacy

We take security & data privacy very seriously and we continuously ensure all data is secured safely and in line with regulations.

You’re in control of your data

We’ve built Pointr Deep Location® from the ground up to enable our customers to be in control of data at all times. We combine these controls with strong data security processes. Data is secured, encrypted and is not shared with external people or companies. Pointr’s information security is ISO 27001,  ISO 27701 and ISO 27017 certified and used by Cisco, Microsoft, Siemens, Extreme Networks, CBRE, ISS, DHS, and many others.



You’re in control of your data-1

We keep your data safe

We use effective measures to protect your data against unauthorized access, use, modification or loss. Pointr is built on enterprise grade systems such as Microsoft Azure, which meets all modern security standards. All servers and systems are kept up to date with recent patches in line with Microsoft Azure standard policy, including virus scanning of files for all employees with access to our secure VPN.

Data is secured and encrypted in transmission to the database and when stored on the database, with no access possible from the internet (only through our secure VPN and the right credentials). All access to the system, both internally and externally, is logged to prevent malicious interactions and Pointr have reporting on unexpected access, both based on password hacks and on unexpected endpoints.

We keep your data safe-1

Information Security Policy

We aim to:
  • Continuously improve our information security management system
  • Review our risks, and take the risks which are above the acceptable levels under control
  • Sustain awareness regarding information security among our team members
  • Prioritize business continuity
  • Commit to our promised SLA durations
  • Comply with laws and regulations regarding information security fully

We are GDPR Compliant

User privacy is a key consideration in the creation, delivery and support of our products and services. We equip people and businesses with transparent consent and preference management tools to help them stay in better control of their location data.


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Deploy with us

Build your solution from concept to scale with Pointr experts. Our team of experienced engineers will guide you through the deployment process.

Proof of Concept

During this phase we will work with you to test your solution with a small group of users. We will provide you with all the necessary hardware and software tools, including a standalone app if necessary.

  • Perform initial sensor installation to enable data collection
  • Integrate our software tools to a standalone app
  • Perform on-site testing
  • Design the overall architecture of your system
Deploy at Scale

During this phase we develop a deployment plan & tools for the full roll-out:

  • Install beacons in all your locations
  • Manage your beacons fleet with Pointr Cloud
  • Perform on-site testing
  • Training of your team
  • Ongoing technical support

Published at Aug 19, 2021

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