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We've built the most accurate indoor positioning technology

Pointr’s indoor positioning technology does not rely on the usage of the phone’s compass, which in many indoor environments fails to deliver useful orientation. Instead it leverages Deep Location®, a set of machine-learning and sensor fusion techniques to provide a unique and effortless experience, every single time.
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Benefits of 
Indoor Positioning

  • Improve convenience by allowing visitors to search and navigate to any product or facility in your venue using their smart device
  • Give new reasons to engage and buy with contextual notifications. Visitors are more engaged, likely to stay longer, and more inclined to make a purchase.
  • Increase staff efficiency and improve your operations with real-time location intelligence. Route staff to issues, improve stock-taking and monitor valuable assets in real-time.
  • Get insightful location-based analytics to optimize venue layout, improve visitor flow and improve your engagement campaigns.
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How does Indoor Positioning work?

From wayfinding to food delivery and location sharing, there are many applications of GPS in our everyday life. However, GPS cannot be used reliably, if at all, inside buildings.

That's because GPS relies on signals sent by satellites orbiting the earth. Once you go inside a building or venture underground, that signal is distorted. The result is a significant drop in accuracy when the user enters a building.

That is where Deep Location® comes in. By combining machine-learning techniques and sensor fusion, the technology accurately pinpoints a user’s specific location on a map of the venue.

The technology is available for:

  • App-based applications, such as indoor navigation, location sharing and contextual notifications. 
  • App-free applications, such as location-based analytics and asset tracking 
How does Indoor Positioning work

The Pointr Difference

Excellent accuracy

Deep Location® achieves 1 meter location accuracy by leveraging existing infrastructure or cost-effective Bluetooth™ beacons.

Robust & Scalable

Pointr Deep Location® utilises the user’s smartphone to process the position, which ensures excellent accuracy irrespective of the number of active users in a venue.

Ready to deploy

Pointr provides an easy deployment, can utilize existing infrastructure or use cost-effective hardware keeping cost of ownership low.


Pointr’s technology automatically detects when a user enters or leaves a building or changes floors, and seamlessly switches over to the relevant map.

Works Offline

When a user enters a building, their device is ready and their journey continues indoors even without network.

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