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Many indoor positioning systems rely upon inadequate infrastructure, a single technological touchpoint (like a phone's compass) or guesswork, resulting in an inaccurate, poorly-performing service. At Pointr, we have spent years refining and improving our market-leading technology in order to deliver incredible accuracy, with on-map blue dot placement accurate to within one meter. Our indoor positioning system leverages Deep Location®, a set of patented machine-learning and sensor fusion techniques that provide groundbreaking accuracy, a seamless, intuitive user experience, and incredible results for your business.

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Why invest in an indoor positioning system?

Indoor positioning has countless benefits for an enormous range of businesses. By unlocking an indoor Google Maps style solution, companies can instantly improve the experiences of their customers, access data insights and vastly improve efficiency.

Among the numerous major companies now using Pointr’s indoor positioning systems across the globe are healthcare facilities, airports, retail locations, workplaces, distribution centers and more. 

With an accurate and robust indoor positioning solution in place, businesses can then leverage that for a number of additional services, including indoor navigation, data analytics, geofencing, asset tracking and more.

Hospitals may wish to help guide patients through large facilities quickly and efficiently. Workplaces can leverage indoor positioning for everything from hot desking and meeting room allocation to security. Warehouses and factories can locate key assets and machinery quickly. Airports can alert visitors to gate changes for their flight and guide them to where they need to be. All of the above can examine overall trends and highlight areas of their venue that are under-utilized, underperforming or causing previously unseen issues.

In short, an indoor positioning system offers businesses of all kinds almost limitless possibilities, capable of improving the experiences of guests, customers and employees while also enabling valuable business insights. It’s no wonder that indoor positioning is being implemented by many major companies the world over.

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Benefits of Pointr's Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning is a flourishing market, with numerous recognised providers now offering solutions and systems with which to achieve indoor localization. However, not all providers are able to deliver precision accuracy, a range of complementary solutions such as maps and an ever-increasing list of features, such as indoor-to-outdoor transitions for users moving between buildings. This is the Pointr difference.

What sets Pointr apart from the rest is our Deep Location® technology. Whereas many indoor positioning systems rely upon a single touchpoint or an outdated or unreliable technique, such as a phone’s compass, fingerprinting or geomagnetic positioning, Deep Location® leverages sensor fusion techniques and machine-learning algorithms in order to deliver accuracy to within one meter. In indoor locations, where effective positioning and navigation are utterly dependent upon precise accuracy, Pointr leads the way.

Another key benefit of Pointr’s indoor positioning technology is the breadth of our solutions to complement our accuracy. Whereas many similar companies focus solely upon a single area - such as mapping - at Pointr we’re market leaders in numerous complementary disciplines. Our core focus has always been on achieving the most accurate indoor positioning, but the more major clients we’ve worked with, the more we’ve found the need to deliver them solutions in other areas where adequate solutions simply didn’t exist. As such, our navigation offering now encompasses AR wayfinding, and is capable of seamless directions even when requiring the user to move outside between buildings or to travel through multiple floors. Our maps are not only beautifully designed (and will soon support both 2D and 3D versions), but thanks to our MapScale™ technology, we’re able to map thousands of venues in a matter of minutes, a process which for many businesses remains a years-long continuous cycle.

How does Indoor Positioning work

How does an indoor positioning system work?

From wayfinding to food delivery and location sharing, there are many applications of GPS in our everyday life. However, GPS cannot be used reliably, if at all, inside buildings.

That's because GPS relies on signals sent by satellites orbiting the earth. Once you go inside a building or venture underground, that signal is distorted. The result is a significant drop in accuracy when the user enters a building.

That is where Pointr's indoor positioning technology, powered by Deep Location®, comes in. By combining machine-learning techniques and sensor fusion, the technology accurately pinpoints a user’s specific location on a map of the venue.

Using low energy Bluetooth beacons or WiFi access points, Pointr's indoor positioning system can accurately pinpoint a user's location to within one meter.

The technology is available for:

  • App-based applications, such as indoor navigation, location sharing and contextual notifications. 
  • App-free applications, such as location-based analytics and asset tracking 
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The Pointr Difference

Excellent accuracy

Deep Location® achieves 1 meter indoor location accuracy by leveraging existing infrastructure or cost-effective Bluetooth™ beacons.

Robust & Scalable

Pointr Deep Location® utilises the user’s smartphone to process the indoor position, which ensures excellent accuracy irrespective of the number of active users in a venue.

Ready to deploy

Pointr provides an easy deployment, can utilize existing infrastructure or use cost-effective hardware keeping cost of ownership low.


Pointr’s technology automatically detects when a user enters or leaves a building or changes floors, and seamlessly switches over to the relevant map.

Works Offline

When a user enters a building, their device is ready and their journey continues indoors even without network.

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