Indoor Mapping
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Create a connected visitor experience with interactive maps of your venues for web, mobile and digital screens

Interactive Digital Maps

Get intuitive and beautifully designed digital maps of your space.

We digitize all your venues using our digital mapping platform. We create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and customisable maps of your space. We can also work with your existing high-resolution digital maps, such as AutoCAD. 

Interactive Digital Maps

Our Custom Indoor Maps are...

Simple &

We believe that simplicity is the key to a good customer experience. That is why we strive to build the most accurate yet most simple maps possible.


Zoom in and more details start appearing. Explore the venue without losing definition or slowing down.


Maps are customised with your brand values and your objectives in mind. Points of Interest and building features are easy to manage via our portal.

A Seamless Search Experience

Enable users to search for specific shops, products, food or facilities (e.g. toilets, ATMs, meeting rooms).

By using machine-learning algorithms that learn from past search behaviours, Pointr achieves a seamless search experience with fast suggestions and real-time autocomplete.

Search is fully configurable by venues who can sort by relevance, including miss-spelt words or language differences. Venues can manage search anytime and anywhere they want.

A Seamless Search Experience

Manage, Update and Edit your Maps

Manage and edit your maps thanks to our intuitive interface.

Any information shown on the map can be altered at any time, which means that you are in full control.

Quickly update information and add events, promotions and any type of content in real-time. It’s very easy to manage multiple venues at once.

Manage, Update and Edit your Maps

Use your map on Mobile, Web and Kiosk

Digital Maps are available on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and digital touch screen units.
Use your map on Mobile, Web and Kiosk

Discover Map Scale™

Digitise hundreds of venues instantly with Map Scale, the first digital mapping platform available at scale.


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Key Features of Indoor Maps

Maps work even when the device is offline
Layer support - zoom in to see different levels of details
Multiple user support (visitor, admin, maintenance, etc)
Open APIs to connect to any system
Smooth multi-floor transition
Asset tracking visualization
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Our Industry Solutions

See our offerings in action and how they add value to different industries.

We Build your Mobile Store Guide

Pointr digitises large venues, creating beautifully designed maps in line with their brand. Watch how we enabled Harrods' mobile store guide. 



Explore Deep Location®


Pointr’s Deep Location® platform powers all your location requirements,
from mapping, navigation and asset tracking to
location-based analytics and marketing.


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Related Features

Indoor Positioning

The essence of a good indoor location experience starts with accurate, real-time positioning.


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Indoor Navigation

Guide visitors with intuitive turn-by-turn navigation as they enter and walk through your venue.


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Contextual Notifications

Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. 

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