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Watch how we power Microsoft’s smart campus

Microsoft's Redmond campus is recognized as one of the most advanced and coolest in the world. Pointr’s indoor wayfinding solutions have helped Microsoft in delivering a world-class employee experience with state-of-the-art indoor positioning and navigation.


The location platform for the next generation of workplaces 

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Modern offices and corporate campuses are getting bigger and more complex every year. This means that for staff and visitors alike, seemingly simple tasks like finding their way to a particular location or arranging a meeting can become time-consuming. Recent surveys report that 70% of workers on corporate campuses waste up to 15 minutes, looking for a space to meet.

Pointr's state-of-the-art indoor location and mapping systems enable you to transform your campus into a smart workplace. This enterprise-ready platform creates detailed digital maps at scale, offering turn-by-turn directions when wayfinding within buildings and outdoors between buildings, helping your employees and visitors get to where they need to be, on time. Pointr's MapScale™ technology is capable of mapping thousands of venues in seconds, providing a uniform digital mapping experience, no matter how many offices you have around the world.

Location sharing Real-time Indoor Positioning Digital Maps

Indoor-outdoor wayfinding

Accurate to within 1m

Process 2,000 CAD files in a day


Enhance your desk and room booking with navigation

Post-pandemic, the office is changing. Hybrid working, co-working, and flexible offices are all here to stay, and businesses must adapt. Pointr offers the perfect foundation to help your business adjust to the new normal.

Pointr’s indoor positioning technology is the top choice for Fortune 100 companies who love the fact that it's super accurate, highly dependable, and integrates seamlessly with existing hardware infrastructure.

Pointr's crystal clear maps and accurate indoor positioning make up the foundation that all businesses need in order to enable hot desking systems, room allocation, and office occupancy analytics. Our navigation solution can take into account indoor-to-outdoor transitions, floor changes, and accessibility options.

meeting room-1 meeting room Contextual notifications

Desk Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Real-time proximity notifications


Complete peace of mind

for employers and staff

We appreciate that when it comes to introducing technology into the workplace, data privacy and security are paramount for both employers and staff. Thankfully, Pointr has both bases covered.

Pointr’s solutions are ISO compliant. Having built our Deep Location® Platform from the ground up, we know exactly what's gone into it, and have ensured that our customers are fully in control of their data. Data is secured (using services like Microsoft Azure), encrypted, and is not shared with external entities or companies.

We also anonymize user data, meaning that by default, our indoor positioning platform offers no user tracking or snooping. Real-time location information is only available as it happens to the user.

GDPR-iso icon-privacy-data Multiple user support

ISO and GDPR compliant

Anonymized user data

All data stored client-side


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Real-time Indoor Positioning

Precision accuracy

Pointr's indoor positioning platform for workplace is highly reliable and offers Blue Dot accuracy within 1m. There is no better option to enable pinpoint navigational accuracy in your workplace.

Workplaces using Pointr’s indoor wayfinding technology have the best possible platform to support desk booking and meeting room allocation services.

Robust  & Scalable (1)

Scalable performance 

Pointr's solution is designed to fit your needs. Whether you’re in the market for a full turn-key solution or simply want to add Pointr's solution to an existing app, with Pointr you only integrate what you need.

With Pointr's revolutionary MapScale™ product, we are able to map thousands of office locations in minutes, meaning you'll never need to search elsewhere when you’re looking to scale up - way up.


The #1 choice for Fortune 100s

Pointr solutions are trusted by some of the world's biggest and most reputable workplaces and commercial real estate companies.

The likes of Microsoft, Honeywell, and CBRE have put their faith in us to deliver best-in-class indoor positioning for their workplaces while ensuring all data is kept completely safe.

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