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Create exceptional workplace experiences, optimize your space and improve facility operations with Pointr Deep Location®, indoor location, navigation, space management and more.


Create Great Smart Workplace Experiences

Improve comfort, collaboration and wayfinding in your corporate campus.

70% of workers say they waste up to 15 minutes looking for a place to meet. Allow your employees and visitors to navigate to nearby facilities, workstations or meeting rooms easily. Enable real-time location-sharing between colleagues to set up ad-hoc face-to-face meetings

  • “Your meeting starts in 5 minutes. Make a move now”
  • “Your visitor has arrived at reception. Send directions to your location?”
Create Great Employee Experiences

Embrace the digital workplace technology revolution

Visualize space utilization in real-time and get actionable insights to help make the right decision for your workspace.

Maximise space efficiency and keep track of how the buildings are used through real-time data visualisation and analytics.

  • Answer questions such as “Which meeting rooms are being utilized the most? Where are resources getting wasted?”
  • View workspace usage patterns over time at building, floor and zone levels
  • Ensure that cleaning and maintenance teams are deployed regularly when necessary
  • Enable meeting hosts or receptionists to receive and send notifications upon a visitor’s arrival
Drive Smarter Workplace Decisions

Streamline Building Maintenance & Office Utilization

Improve facility operations and safety in your building.
  • Keep track of valuable assets in your building and set up alerts that display a notification on the map when something requires maintenance. Send an automatic notification to the appropriate personnel based on their live location.
  • Make it easy for employees to report faulty equipment, overbooked resources, wasted space and more, in real-time. This reduces the time maintenance staff spends rooting around for issues, and results in quicker resolution of pressing issues.
  • Ensure all employees and visitors receive location-based health & safety alerts. In the case of an emergency, indoor navigation provides the real-time information employees need to move quickly and stay safe. 
Streamline Building Maintenance


Location Based Services

Provide the finest location experience for your visitors.

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Location Based Analytics

Real-time analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

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Location Based Engagement

Engage with users based on their real-time location.

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Get Digital Maps at Scale

Create a digital twin of your building to better visualize the workspace and utilize space to its fullest potential.

Get interactive and user-friendly digital maps which are integrated into your mobile and web apps, available on desktop or on digital screens. Map instantly hundreds of buildings and ensure your maps always stay relevant with Pointr’s intuitive management interface.

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Get Digital Maps at Scale

Accurate Indoor Positioning

Enable users to see where they are on your campus at any given time, even offline.

Accurate positioning is the key to a good indoor location experience. Powered by 6 patented algorithms, Pointr’s indoor positioning achieves 1-meter accuracy.

How it works
Accurate Indoor Positioning

Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Indoor navigation enables your employees and visitors to calculate the shortest route to their destination with step-by-step guidance.

Users can search any facility, service or workstation on a map. Pointr’s indoor navigation system then suggests a route based on user profile, time of day or any other customisable variables.

  • The technology achieves a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.
  • Venue managers can easily make changes to available paths depending on their circumstances, regulate flows or user profile & preferences, and the system automatically updates in the background.
  • Turn-by-turn directions can also be presented as voice messages in a wide range of languages.
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Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Location Sharing

Enable employees to quickly locate colleagues, team members or visitors throughout the campus, for better collaboration.
  • Employees can share their real-time position for a selected period of time and view shared locations on a map.
  • With turn-by-turn directions, employees can easily find each other or create a meeting point of the map.
  • Location sharing can also enable users to request immediate assistance to their exact location in case of an emergency.
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Location Sharing

Contextual Notifications

Interact with any user anywhere within your buildings at any given time.

Segment a specific group of users and establish a virtual geofence around a predefined area to send relevant messages. Use cases range from employee scheduling to safety:

  • “Your meeting is about to start in room 1.2. Get directions”
  • “Welcome to the campus. Check-in in one tap!”
  • “All 24 participants to the meeting have now joined. Share presentation?”
  • “The maximum number of people on Floor 3 exceeds fire regulations”

Managers can also ensure attendance of trainings, without necessarily pushing a notification to the user (“Employee has spent 30 mins in the IT Systems training room between 09:00 and 09:30”).

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Contextual Notifications


Location analytics enable venue owners to improve space utilization and employee comfort. Facility managers can visualize workspace usage patterns over time at building, floor and zone levels. 
  • Identify footfall, high dwell areas, bottle necks, and even queue lengths to optimise venues in real-time.
  • Replicate the exact path a single user or a group of users took on a given timeframe on given day, with a view to optimise visitor journeys and space utilisation.
  • Shed light on employee behaviour with search and engagement analytics.
  • View the top keyword searches at any given time and pinpoint where the user was when they searched for a specific facility.
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Location-based Analytics

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Pointr’s Deep Location® platform powers all your location requirements,
from mapping, navigation and asset tracking to
location-based analytics and marketing.
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