How to unleash retail potential with an in-app Store Mode

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The future of retail is omnichannel, the melding of traditional brick and mortar and digital operations into one cohesive whole. Retailers who are able to achieve synergy between their online and offline presence will reap countless benefits, including enhanced customer loyalty, greater repeat business and a vastly enhanced understanding of their own business and future growth opportunities. Retailers with a comprehensive omnichannel offering can expect increased loyalty, more repeat purchases, and higher average basket value.

One of the most effective ways of creating an omnichannel ecosystem for your customers is via an in-app Store Mode. Store Mode bridges the functionality of your mobile app with your physical in-store experience, presenting your retail business with a multitude of ways in which to drive additional revenue and enhance your customer experience. 

But how can you get started with planning and implementing Store Mode? With so many options and avenues available, the choice can be overwhelming, which is why we've created the ultimate guide to Store Mode. In this guide you'll find:

  • The value of Store Mode
  • How retailers including Walmart, Home Depot and Target are already utilizing an in-app Store Mode
  • How you can begin to implement Store Mode into your app
  • What the future vision for Store Mode looks like
  • How Pointr are uniquely positioned to make your Store Mode vision a reality 

Why trust Pointr when it comes to Store Mode?

Since our founding in 2013, we have prided ourselves on our ability to solve problems. Rather than simply present a fixed product, we are constantly iterating and improving based on the specific needs of our customers and partners. The result is a suite of products and services designed with real businesses in mind that have a proven track record of delivering outstanding experiences for multiple Fortune 100 companies and many more.

This experience has uniquely positioned us to help retailers develop a world-class Store Mode for their apps. Whether it's indoor navigation, indoor maps, geofences or another key piece of the Store Mode equation, Pointr has spent years refining a market-leading solution that is accurate and, crucially, offers unprecedented scalability.

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What is Store Mode?

Store Mode refers to an app that, while focused on e-commerce functionality in general, offers users different functionality when they are physically located within one of the retailer's locations. For example, an app could usually allow users to buy products and check stock levels of a particular item. However, when the app user arrives in one of the stores, Store Mode is enabled, offering to navigate the user direct to the product they're looking for via a product locator tool, rewarding them for having installed the app with an exclusive voucher or coupon, or enable the user to alert staff for assistance from wherever they are in store.

Which retailers are making use of an in-app Store Mode?

Many major retailers are already embracing the omnichannel possibilities offered by operated a dedicated Store Mode within their apps. These include Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Macy's. To learn more about these specific use cases, download the guide by filling in the form above.

What are some of the features of Store Mode?

Store Mode as a concept is nebulous, and can encompass various different features or combinations of features.

Some of the features most commonly associated with an in-app Store Mode are:

These are just four examples - to read about these, and more features, in greater depth, fill out the form above to download our guide.