Smart Hospital Maps & Wayfinding

Improve patient care and while streamlining operations


Improve Patient Care & Experience

  • Help patients and other visitors navigate your hospital with ease and less stress
  • Facilitate on-time arrivals
  • Deliver targeted location-aware messages that help patients manage their overall well-being

Streamline Hospital Operations

  • Reduce costly late arrivals for exams, diagnostic procedures, and other patient appointments
  • Help on-board new and temporary staff such as traveling nurses
  • Organize caregiver duties according to priority and optimized routes
  • Send alerts with live location for staff duress and other emergencies





Key Pointr Features & Capabilities for Hospitals 

  • Give every visitor maps and wayfinding with no app installs using Pointr Express™, which launches instantly from a QR code or URL.
  • For hospitals who do want to integrate with your patient or staff app, we provide SDKs for iOS, Android and web.
  • Use our robust APIs to integrate real-time maps and location information with third-party data services such as EMR and EHR systems.
  • Enable Mark My Car so patients and other visitors can always find where they parked and return home smoothly.

Partnership with Siemens Healthineers

  • Siemens Healthineers is a global provider of healthcare equipment, solutions and services, with 71,000 employees active in more than 180 countries.
  • Principally active in imaging, diagnostics, cancer care and minimally invasive therapies, augmented by digital technology and artificial intelligence.
  • Siemens Healthineers sells, integrates and support Pointr’s platform as part of its portfolio for hospitals and other healthcare campuses.


Siemens Healthineers 3 (1)

"Siemens Healthineers and Pointr are jointly focused on driving positive patient experiences. By putting maps and wayfinding in patients’ and visitors’ hands, we reduce the frustration of navigating larger hospitals and health campuses.”

- Ben Sterling, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Intelligence, Siemens Healthineers

In Focus: UCHealth

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Hospital wayfinding & navigation

Reduce no-shows and save $240k/year with digital patient wayfinding.

Hospitals are, for many visitors, often daunting locations to navigate through. They are invariably large, complex, and feature multiple buildings and floors, making them easy for visitors to lose their way in.

For years, hospitals have relied upon static wayfinding signage to help guide visitors and patients through their healthcare facilities. However, this signage is limited in a number of ways, particularly its inability to convey more than basic instructions (e.g. "go left, then right, then up the stairs") without becoming confusing.

This is where dynamic app- or kiosk-based indoor navigation comes in. By pinpointing the user's live position on a map of the hospital, the system can provide the user with immediate instructions to find the most efficient possible route to their exact destination. Wayfinding is dynamic, meaning it can also account for any detours or wrong turns taken by the user.

Pointr's complete solution combines smart, adaptive wayfinding with highly accurate indoor positioning and beautiful, intuitive indoor maps that can be created and updated at scale using our market-leading MapScale® tool.

Interactive hospital maps

In order to truly leverage many indoor location-related systems - such as indoor positioning, navigation, asset tracking and analytics - first an outstanding mapping system needs to be in place. 

As with many indoor environments, creating accurate, intuitive and scalable maps for hospitals is an enormous challenge. Hospitals tend to be complex environments, with hundreds of rooms and corridors, multiple floor levels, buildings connected by outdoor walkways, and more. What's more, hospital layouts are constantly evolving and changing, meaning that the map needs to be capable of updating - either manually or automatically - quickly in order to stop it going out of date.

Pointr's maps are ideally suited for healthcare facilities. As well as being intuitive to use, interactive and easy to add to your hospital app via our SDK, our MapScale® tool enables us to convert thousands of CAD file floor plans into digital maps within minutes, and then keep them updated. 

Unlock smart hospital analytics

Gain granular insights into your hospital, increase appointments by improving space utilization and save $71,000 a year. Understand how patients and visitors engage with the facilities  to improve patient access and increase revenue. Location analytics can be based on app or app-free data. The information is collected anonymously, providing an in-depth view of your hospital while maintaining data privacy.

Quick & Easy Deployment


Plug & Play with EMR/EHR systems

Minimal setup and maintenance. Our platform is designed for seamless integration, whether your hospital already has an app or you’re looking to create one.


Hospital Wayfinding across Web, App & Print

Pointr navigation is available across devices, on the web and can integrate into hospital APIs so staff can print directions for patients.


Easy to manage data analytics with Pointr Cloud

Access all location-based analytics data via one dashboard. Pointr cloud provides an easy to manage platform that is enterprise friendly and ready for integration.

Quick Facts about Pointr


We are present globally in 27 countries, across the US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East


Our solution is highly scalable and is live in over 5,000 venues


20+ patents for our Deep Location® technology

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Pointr’s Deep Location® powers the market-leading indoor positioning system


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