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Enable a next-generation passenger experience, boost non-aeronautical revenue and improve your airport operations with Pointr Deep Location® 

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View how airports can provide a fantastic passenger experience, boost their revenue and improve operational efficiency with the power of Pointr Deep Location®  technology.

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Homeland Security
United Airlines
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

"As we began the competitive process for a wayfinding technology for our airports, we knew we wanted a company with the experience and expertise to implement Bluetooth technology at two of the nation's most important airports,"
Goutam Kundu, Chief Information Officer for MWAA.

“Pointr is the only cost effective solution that works indoors. We have engaged Pointr to provide location services and indoor mapping services as end-to-end service.”
Abhi Chacko, Head of Innovation at Gatwick Airport Limited

“Technology is the answer to improving pax experience. Pointr is the embodiment of such innovation and the solution is already operating beyond the original specifications and helping us drive our everyday operations.”
Stuart Hawkins, Dubai International Airport

Create Great Passenger Journeys

Airports don’t have to be difficult to navigate. Reduce traveller anxiety by providing them with  interactive maps and turn-by-turn wayfinding at their fingertips.

Enable personalized journey with a range of location-based services such as location sharing and Augmented Reality navigation to unlock a fantastic passenger experience. 

Create Great Passenger Journeys

Optimize Resource Management

Improve your daily airport operations and enhance safety with real-time tracking.

Monitor passenger flow with heatmaps, zonal footfall, dwell time and more. Plan the time required for various journeys to optimize your operations and improve the passenger experience.

Optimise Resource Management

Deliver On-Time Departure

Take pro-active steps to ensure punctuality and a smooth travel experience.

Send contextual notifications for passengers to make sure they arrive at the gate on time:

  • “You are 10 mins away from your gate, you should make a move now”
  • “Your gate has changed. Tap here to get directions to your new gate”

View queue times and bottlenecks in real-time to optimize passenger flow using location-based analytics, giving you better visibility and control over your airport.

Deliver On-Time Departure

Drive Customer Loyalty

Interact with passengers in the moment and deliver a truly omni-channel journey in your airport.

Drive loyalty and increase non-aeronautical revenue by sending relevant communications to specific visitors while browsing duty-free stores.

Passengers can enjoy products and services easily with the comfort of knowing their travel time to the boarding gates and flight updates.


Drive Customer Loyalty

Re-open your Airport with FlySafe

Protect passengers and employees as you re-open your airport. Ensure safe occupancy levels, manage congestion, monitor cleaning compliance and enable social distancing in your airport.

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Location Based Services

Provide the finest location experience for your visitors.

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Location Based Analytics

Real-time analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

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Location Based Engagement

Engage with users based on their real-time location.

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Indoor-Outdoor Navigation 

Help passengers find their favourite products and brands with personalized turn-by-turn directions in their smartphone.

Guide visitors back to their car, help them locate their friends and offer personalized journeys, such as step-free access.

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Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Contextual Notifications

Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time using geofencing and complex rules to trigger location-based engagement.
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Contextual Notifications (2)

Location Sharing 

Allow visitors or employees to share their real-time location with others in your venue.
  • Visitors with your app can call for assistance and your staff will simultaneously receive the request on an iPad.
  • Visitors are also able to share their locations with friends and family inside your venue.
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Location Sharing

Explore Deep Location® 


Pointr’s Deep Location®  platform powers all your location requirements,
from mapping, navigation and asset tracking to
location-based analytics and marketing.


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Enhance passenger experience and operational efficiency. Read our guide to unlock the smart airport of the future with Deep Location®  technology.


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Find out how Pointr unlocks the power of indoor location across the aviation world, reducing travel anxiety and enabling an improved passenger experience.



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