Guide visitors with personalised indoor navigation

Indoor-Outdoor Navigation-device

Personalized Journeys

Guide visitors with turn-by-turn navigation as they walk through your venue.

Routes are personalised for visitors, who can navigate to their car or to their favourite shop. This is particularly useful in large venues such as airports, shopping centres, resorts or workplaces.


Personalised journeys

Seamless Indoor - Outdoor Transition

Navigate from a location outside the building to a venue with a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor. Our technology automatically chooses whether to use Deep Location® or GPS thanks to its indoor-outdoor positioning feature.

Seamless Navigation

Intuitive search

Users can quickly find facilities, products or shop in your venue in real–time using intuitive search. By using machine-learning algorithms that learn from past search behaviours, Pointr achieves a seamless search experience.

Intuitive search

The Pointr Difference

Pointr Deep Location® is the most accurate indoor positioning technology, available at scale.


The technology works seamlessly in multi-storey buildings. Portal types supported include lifts, escalators, stairs, service lifts, service stairs, emergency stairs and travellators.

Dynamic Offline

The path calculations are done offline, ensuring scalability and a seamless experience even when the user has no internet connection or signal.

High Accuracy

Powered by 7 patented algorithms, Pointr Deep Location® achieves 1 meter location accuracy and typically updates every 0.1 seconds.

Multilingual & Voice Guidance

Turn-by-turn directions can be presented as voice messages and in a wide range of languages.

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Airports &  Travel Hubs
Airports & Travel Hubs

Make your visitors’ journey seamless, from the moment they enter the car park to their departure. Show travellers a way to their gate, baggage carrousel, restaurants or Duty Free.


Create personalised journeys for shoppers by enabling them to search and navigate to any product and facility within your store. Encourage customer engagement to reach your sales revenue target.

Smart Workplace
Smart Workplace

Enable employees and visitors to find their way in your corporate campus, search for facilities such as meeting rooms and share their real-time location with colleagues for better collaboration.


Help guests navigate to their room or to their car. Encourage them to engage with facilities such as restaurants, bars and gift shops within the venue. 

Explore Deep Location®

Pointr’s Indoor Navigation is powered by Deep Location®, a proprietary technology that combines machine learning and sensor fusion to ensure the most accurate experience to users.


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