Map thousands of venues in seconds

Digital mapping at scale

Get and maintain indoor maps at scale with our digital mapping platform

MapScale® automatically retrieves maps in any format from a repository and converts them into interactive, beautifully designed digital maps.

Traditionally, venue owners hired mapping companies to manually convert floor plans into a digital format, a process that required frequent maintenance and updates across venues.

With MapScale®, upgrades to maps are made automatically in seconds, enabling stores to improve major layout changes during peak periods.

Our dynamic updates and easy-to-use mapping tools helps you minimize engineering time.

Digital mapping at scale@2x

Discover MapScale®

Watch our demo video to learn how MapScale® is able to revolutionize the map creation process through a combination of cutting edge technology and AI.

Manage your venue like never before

Upgrades to maps are made automatically in seconds, enabling venues to improve major layout changes during peak shopping periods.

Your venue will be easy to manage. Simply click, name and publish POI’s, walls and much more. Instant silent updates on all devices. State of the art management tools.

Manage your venue like never before

Dynamic Update

Dynamic Update is a drag and drop tool that allows operation managers to add, move and delete products on the shop floor using a graphic user interface within seconds.

Any updates or changes made in the database will be synced and updated to the user interface simultaneously and vice versa. Unlock the possibility to optimize your daily operations and venue management anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic Update

Our Indoor Maps are...

Simple and accurate

We believe in simplicity being the key to good customer experience. That is why we strive to build the most accurate yet simplest maps possible.


Digital Maps are available on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile and digital touch screen units.


Zoom in and more details start appearing. Explore the venue without losing definition or slowing down.


Maps are customized with your brand values and your objectives in mind. Points of Interest and building features are easy to manage via our portal.


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Location Based Engagement

Engage with users based on their real-time location.

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