MapScale® AI-Powered Map Creation

Accurate, lightning-fast map generation at scale

Creating digital indoor maps used to be a painstaking graphic design process: slow, expensive, and hard to keep up with layout changes. We built our AI-powered MapScale® tool to radically redefine what’s possible: beautiful, accurate, user-friendly maps in minutes instead of weeks.

How MapScale® works

MapScale is an AI-powered tool that takes CAD files or PDF site layouts as inputs, and from these automatically creates Pointr’s rich, user-friendly digital maps. MapScale uses a Large Language Model that we’ve trained to accurately identify a myriad of indoor space features: walls, doors, windows, furniture and more. We’ve trained our model on hundreds of real-world examples that we’ve collected from over a decade in business.

An epic leap for indoor mapping

Dramatically faster & less expensive

  • Generate digital maps in minutes, not weeks

  • No physical site visits or assessments required

  • Eliminate the inconsistencies inevitable with manual map creation

  • Up to 95% accurate

  • Use our Pointr Cloud CMS to easily make manual adjustments and import point-of-interest details and other metadata


100% automated, AI-powered

MapScale® automates your digital maps' digitization process, accelerating your mapping product process with:

  • Auto room/furniture identification: MapScale® automatically identifies rooms, furniture, and building outlines via machine learning modules. It can extract floorplan data such as images, annotation of the room and furniture, etc., and it improves with every map digitized. 

  • Scheduled auto-update via API: MapScale® automatically retrieves your raw CAD files from a repository (on schedule or upon file changes) and converts them into interactive, beautifully designed digital indoor maps


Easy map management open for integration

Pointr Cloud is a user-friendly map CMS, providing a smooth mapping journey to save you from all that programming work and integration hassle. You can manually adjust map details and update your map outputs on Pointr Cloud or your mapping platform. It's open for integration, allowing you to source 3rd party data directly via Pointr Cloud API.


Smart auto-routing enables wayfinding in seconds

Pointr's smart auto-routing enables wayfinding the moment MpaScale® converts your floorplans into interactive digital maps, turning your building interactive in seconds! Pointr auto-routing supports:

  • Automatic path generation 

  • User-friendly, turn-by-turn directions

  • Re-routing when a user goes off path

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Flexible API, broad file support ready to scale

MapScale® API can be called anytime and quickly transfer map outputs into Pointr Cloud or your own mapping platforms, allowing you to update map content or integrate map data from 3rd party sources into Pointr Maps (e.g., occupancy data, asset locations) via Pointr's SDKs. Pointr's maps are built on the GeoJSON open standard, and MapScale® accepts DWG, DXF, and vector PDFs.


The only scalable solution

The only solution the scales to enterprise needs

Over 2 billion square feet mapped

World's largest indoor map deployment


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