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Increase basket size, enhance the omnichannel shopping experience and optimize efficiency with Store Mode in your retail app, powered by location services 

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Watch how Home Depot has enabled Store Mode 

We enable shoppers to see their shopping list on a map, which leads to increased basket size and a better in-store experience. 

The Home Depot

See a live demo of Pointr's store maps

View an interactive demo of Pointr's in-store maps for Harrods, one of the world's most prestigious department stores.

Increase basket size by guiding shoppers to the right products 

IKEA found that 13% of customers leave the store without buying everything on their mind. The solution? In-store navigation.

Have customers build their shopping lists digitally and then let the app route them to each product to increase their basket size and improve their omnichannel experience. 

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Drive x5 more loyalty with in-store contextual, personalized offers

Amazon makes 30% of its revenue from recommendations. Bring this opportunity to your stores with Store Mode.

Provide targeted recommendations through geolocation to increase basket size via upsells and cross-sells.

immersive retail

Increase order fulfilments by 20% with smart routing

Empower your stock pickers to fulfil online orders more efficiently with dynamic wayfinding and fastest-path-routings between items on a list.

honeywell - in store smart order fulfilment

Enrich shopper profiles with location analytics 

Understand how shoppers are spending their time inside the store with location analytics. View movement paths and dwell times within departments or even specific aisles to enrich a shopper’s profile. 

Retail analytics

Pointr is the market leader for digital maps and indoor location solutions among major retailers. 

Pinpoint accuracy

High performance and high-accuracy indoor experiences

The only scalable solution

Create and update thousands of maps instantly with MapScale®

Future proof

Solutions designed to grow with your business and adapt to your needs

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Unleash the potential of Store Mode

Store Mode is set to revolutionize the future of brick-and-mortar retail, bridging the gap between digital and physical spaces and delivering an outstanding customer experience. Find out how in our complete guide to Store Mode.

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Use navigation and maps to empower your employees, in-store and in real time

Empower your retail workforce with accurate real-time information and an intelligent supply chain. Pointr Deep Location® technology helps you drive profitability and improve operational efficiency.

Store associates can get real-time access to the location of product and inventory data. Employees in a particular location can get live alerts if a nearby product is running low on stock, or can locate an item within the store or the warehouse digitally, even if their app is offline.

Gain Competitive Edge

In-store navigation

Even with the best maps, retail locations, be they single, large stores or malls, can sometimes be a confusing place to try and find your way in. Multiple floors, multiple stores of the same name, and thousands of shoppers can make retail wayfinding a difficult proposition. As such, many customers are now not only looking to their favorite stores and malls to provide maps, but to also provide indoor navigation, to the same level of service and efficacy as tools such as Google Maps.

Pointr’s indoor positioning and navigation system is capable of providing outstanding accuracy and has been tried and tested by some of the world’s largest and most reputable companies, including several major retailers. Our indoor navigation can take into account multiple floor levels, navigating users towards stairs and elevators, and can also seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments, leading users to other buildings or their car.


Create interactive indoor store maps in seconds

In the modern world, users are becoming more and more accustomed to having a map available to them wherever they go. Why should they not expect the same from indoor environments like big box retailers and shopping centers? A stylish, intuitive-to-use indoor map is capable of setting your retail environment apart from your competitors by making the customer experience more efficient, free of pain points and by empowering exploration and discovery.

However, doing all of this is easier said than done. Indoor maps need to be highly precise and completely up-to-date - a significant challenge in indoor retail environments, where everything from temporary store closures to pop-up stalls need to be taken into account. That’s why Pointr developed MapScale®, a state-of-the-art product capable of taking mapping CAD files and using AI to transform these files into beautiful maps in seconds. 

MapScale® was designed in response to a request from one of the US’s largest department stores, who needed to be able to keep thousands of individual store maps up to date. With Pointr’s help, a process that previously left certain store maps months out of date at a time now takes seconds, and can be run automatically on a regular basis.

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Unlock in-store analytics

The benefits of in-store mapping and navigation systems don’t stop with your customers. As well as helping customers to find exactly what they’re looking for and discover new areas and products, increasing revenue, Pointr’s location analytics provides you with critical insights into your retail location and how you can better optimize it.

Heatmaps enable you to see the most popular parts of your store or mall, to determine areas where the layout needs changing to encourage customers to visit more frequently, and to calculate which products or promotions are performing better than others. Occupation analytics can help alert you to parts of the store or mall that are acting as choke points and need opening out to allow customer to move freely and enjoy a less congested experience. Individual user statistics can help you identify the behaviors associated with your highest value customers, and what you can learn from them in order to get others to follow their lead.

Know your Customers

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