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Track medical staff, patients and assets to reduce cost, improve care quality and work processes and increase patient satisfaction.

Indoor-Outdoor Navigation

Finding your way around a hospital can be stressful. Increase patient satisfaction scores by providing visitors and patients with up-to-date interactive maps and real-time wayfinding at their fingertips across multiple levels. Our navigation technology achieves a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Instant Emergency Assistance

Identify the real-time location of your employees in a specific floor and room to enable instant emergency assistance when needed.

Location Tracking

Accurately track the location of mobile medical devices to cut down time spent locating equipment. 

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Industrial Buildings

Ranging from warehouses and factories to construction sites, we enable large venues to track valuable assets, enhance productivity & optimize operations.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Track valuable devices, pallets and forklifts with mobile devices by setting up movement parameters. For example if an asset moved 2 meters from a certain location, then trigger an alarm.

Employee Management

Improve employee shift & attendance management using a real-time dashboard combined with powerful location-based metrics such as footfall, individual journeys and heatmaps.

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Industrial Building

Stadiums & Event Venues

Track visitor flows in stadiums to increase security and the overall visitor experience.

Location Tracking

Use location-based analytics to monitor the number of people in each zone. If you employee notices an unusually high number of people in a specific area, mobile personnel get in-app alerts based on their location to intervene.

Real-Time Location Sharing

Enable your visitors to share their exact location on a digital map in real-time with friends, family or colleagues in a noisy environment. Especially ideal for high-traffic, always-on environments such as stadiums and exhibition floors. 

Location-based Notifications

Seamlessly push the right notification to the right person, at the right time and location. Segment your audience using past or predicted journeys, loyalty data or demographics. Simply drag & drop virtual zones on a map to send a personalized notification to your segment, using complex rules and geofencing. 

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Stadium & Event Venue


Encourage visitor engagement for a better experience, increase revenue for on-site facilities and improve operations in your venue.

Enable visitors to view interactive and scrollable maps of your buildings on your app. Visitors can search for any facility or artwork on the map and get turn-by-turn directions in 2D or even in AR.

Send location-based notifications to visitors to give them interesting information about an artwork or about on-site services such as gift shops, restaurants and cafés.   

Improve operations with real-time tracking of assets and employees in your venue for better shift and asset management. 

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Location Based Services

Provide the finest location experience for your visitors.

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Location Based Analytics

Real-time analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.

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Location Based Engagement

Engage with users based on their real-time location.

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Open for Integration

Pointr’s highly customizable solution integrates with your existing systems with minimum setup.

Our flexible platform is open for integration, allowing deployment on omni-channel devices such as mobile web-based directory, kiosks, interactive signage, or part of a native mobile App.

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Pointr’s Deep Location® platform powers all your location requirements, from mapping, navigation and asset tracking to location-based analytics and marketing.


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