Your ultimate guide to a successful indoor location RFP

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Location services are a must-have for large buildings today, but it’s also a complicated field with many technologies to choose from. How do you ensure you select the right technology for your indoor location? When creating your tender (e.g. RFI, RFP, RFQ), you should think carefully about the functional requirements for indoor location technology.

Our guide to developing an indoor location RFP provides a checklist of functional requirements for organizations looking to implement:

Digital Maps

Indoor mapping

Real-time Indoor Positioning

Real-time indoor positioning via a mobile device (“blue dot”)

Location sharing

Digital wayfinding, routing & navigation


Analytics capabilities

Functional Requirements for indoor location RFP

  Digital map production

✓  Automatic import of building data

✓  Interactive, user-friendly map

✓  Accurate & seamless transitions

✓  Easy updates

  Content management system

✓  Multi-channel real-time map updates

✓  1-3 meter positioning accuracy

✓  Smooth Indoor-outdoor transitions

✓  Update interval & new floor detection

✓  Accurate orientation

✓  Support background mode

✓  Operate offline; no fingerprinting

✓  Event triggers for proximity notifications

✓  Deployment reports

✓  Multi-platform

✓  Management of other technology

✓  Maintenance of technology

✓  User-friendly navigation

✓  Estimated walking distance

✓  Dynamic pathfinding

✓  On-Demand path calculation

✓  Points of Interest (“POI”) search and sorting

✓  Smart re-routing

✓  Multiple portals

✓  Customizable routes

✓  Accessibility mode

✓  Multilingual text and voice guidance

✓  Indoor - Outdoor Transitions

✓  AR Wayfinding

✓  Location analytics reports

✓  Limitless users

✓  Data filters

✓  Easy export via API

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Why do I need an indoor location RFP guide?

Too often, companies select indoor location vendors without having a clear understanding of functional requirements and success criteria for maps, positioning, navigation, and analytics.

As a result, two-thirds of companies that implement an indoor location system struggle with jumpy blue dot positioning, inaccurate location data, and a frustrating user experience.

At Pointr, we have created this guide to help organizations gather the functional requirements that are necessary for a great indoor location experience. We hope this guide will prove useful for executives looking to implement indoor location in their workplace, hospital, retail space, university, or any other large venue. 

What are the key criteria to select an indoor location vendor?

When selecting a vendor for indoor positioning, indoor mapping, wayfinding, or location analytics you should ensure that you’ve reviewed the following criteria: 

  • Reliability - Is it a proven solution? Does the vendor have market validation? 
  • Capabilities - Does the solution match your functional requirements for indoor maps, positioning, wayfinding, and location analytics? 
  • Cost - How much does it cost to set up and maintain the indoor location technology?
  • Time to deploy - How long will it take before it is available for all your buildings globally?
  • Risk profile - Could it cause legal or operational risks? (eg. security, data privacy)

In this guide to an indoor location RFP, we focus on helping you define the functional requirements for indoor maps, positioning, wayfinding, and location analytics. 

What does a great indoor location experience look like for my building?

It's difficult to create a successful RFP if you haven't tried a great location experience first-hand. What are maps supposed to look like? How accurate does the indoor positioning system have to be? What are the criteria for an inclusive and smooth wayfinding experience? 

Before you pick a vendor, make sure you have explored all the solutions available on the market. When going to RFP, it is best practice to request a demo of the solution from hand-picked vendors - it's even better if you can try the technology in a live environment. 

At Pointr, we are pioneers of indoor location since 2014 and we're already live in over 130 million square feet and more than 2,000 venues globally.

We would be happy to showcase what a great indoor location experience should look like - get in touch with our team today to request a live demo!