Trigger actions when visitors enter or leave zones

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Location-Aware Actions

  • Send pop-up messages to visitors’ smartphones when they enter or leave a geofenced area
  • Maximize impact with messages tailored to the real-time environment, when visitors are most engaged and ready to respond
  • When you integrate the Pointr platform into your app, you can do even more, such as combining real-time location information with user profiles for triggers that are both location-aware and personalized

Never-Before Seen Visitor Insights

  • Pointr Analytics records when your site visitors both enter and leave any geofenced area
  • See individual and overall dwell times for every fenced zone
  • Gain new insights that inform site layout, most-used resources, traffic flow patterns and more
  • Use our REST APIs to integrate geofencing analytics with your own data for maximum insight into customer and other visitor behavior
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Applications for All Industries

  • Retail: Deliver a real-time price discount to shoppers when they enter the men’s clothing department
  • Airports: Notify travelers when they’ve arrived at the car rental shuttle waiting area
  • Workplace: Send real-time security alerts when someone enters an unauthorized area
  • Hospitality: Invite resort guests to check out services as they near the day spa
  • Events: Send a welcome message to trade show attendees when they first arrive
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Drag & Drop Geofencing

No need to hard-code the geofencing features into your application. Our easy-to-integrate SDK and professional team will do the heavy lifting for you.
Rather than assigning campaigns to specific iBeacons, Pointr Cloud allows multiple zones to be defined on the web-based dashboard in self-defined sizes and shapes to which campaigns or alarms may be assigned. This enables administrators to set triggers for every square foot of their venue dynamically and in real time.

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How does geofencing work?


What is geofencing?

Geofencing denotes a geographic zone that is virtually fenced, meaning entry or exit from this zone can be tracked. Enable location-based engagement by triggering actions when a device enters or exits a predefined location, such as push-notifications, virtual coupons, engagement features, and security alerts.


Indoor-outdoor transition

Geofences allow the PointSDK to provide either a GPS-enabled “blue-dot” or a BLE “blue-dot” depending on whether the user is inside or outside the geofence. A “virtual geofence” can be drawn either inside or around the exterior of buildings on the campus map bundled with the Pointr SDK, acting as triggers for mobile application interactions on iOs and Android.

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Background functionality

Geofencing in the background is crucial to functionality - people generally don’t walk with their phone or apps open all the time. Background functionality differs with Android and iOS, but both have options to achieve the desired geofencing capabilities

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Location Permission

To receive position updates, the application needs to have a permission for utilizing the user’s location. At Pointr, we collect the visitor's location data anonymously and work with our clients to ensure we align with the latest GDPR and privacy policies.

What is geofencing used for?

Find out more about how geofencing upgrades your venue experience and creates a connected ecosystem

Geofence pop-up message

  • Geofence alert right before the coffee cart that says "Would you like a quick coffee?”
  • When a customer walks past a grocery store, send coupons to their mobile phone.
  • Display information about museum collections as visitors walk in to that collection's room

Verify entry and exit

  • Provide instant assistance to visitors with a disability when they enter a specific zone e.g. platform of shuttle train between the terminals
  • Enable "Thank you" messages for when a visitors is leaving a building or geofenced zone
  • Trigger the sensor to switch on the lights when entering a room e.g. “If I’m five feet from my front door, turn on my lights”

Optimise security within your building

  • Monitor activity in secure areas, allowing management to see alerts when anyone enters or leaves a specific area. E.g. “If someone enters the restricted areas, send an alarm and notify the security team”
  • More efficient employees management, automate time cards and keep track of company property

Gather location-based information in the background

  • Calculate daily visitor density in the meeting room or VIP room - information that could then be fed into the indoor navigation system to enable users to  avoid congested areas
  • Monitor traffic flow & dwell time in a specific areas throughout the sites


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