Location Analytics

Real-time locations analytics to help 
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Visitor Journeys

Use location-based analytics to measure, predict and influence visitor behavior.

  • Visualize how visitors interact with your venue in real-time: track dwell time, heatmaps, visitor count and customer journeys
  • Segment your audience to identify your most valuable visitors and engage with visitors in a timely and personalized way
  • Find out which marketing campaigns, layout changes, and tenant mixes drive return visits
Understand visitor journeys

Boost Conversion

Combine location intelligence with customer data to boost loyalty and engagement.

Consolidate your location data with your existing loyalty & CRM systems to get a full view of your customers and make confident decisions on how to conduct the best engagement strategies. 

  • Segment your visitors based on their current or past location, demographics, loyalty and behavior to enable more targeted loyalty activation
  • Send personalized communications to specific visitors using fine-grain segmentation  ("Welcome back! The perfume in your online basket is in-store today with a 20% discount")
  • Identify patterns to improve visitor satisfaction, such as bottlenecks, queues or out-of-stocks in a particular location
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Business Agility

Enable rapid business decisions with location intelligence. 
  • Monitor, understand, and react to changes as they happen in your space, before they become costly
  • Act on high dwell areas, bottlenecks and even queue lengths to optimize your venues
  • Monitor under or over performing areas and visitor journeys in real-time  on a dashboard to drive sales and optimize operations
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Harness the Power of 
Location Data


Visualize how customers interact with your venue at any given time.

Crowd Flows

Replicate the exact journeys of a single user or a group of users.

Engagement Analytics
Engagement Analytics

Combine online engagement metrics with real-time location to increase customer loyalty.

Operational Analytics
Operational Analytics

Empower your employees with the tools they need to make the right decision in real-time.


Get animated traffic heatmaps to visualize how customers interact with your venues at any given time.

  • Replay the heatmap evolution of a particular time/day and compare it to another selected time, allowing you to measure the performance of your promotional campaigns or events.
  • Select venue, relevant floor, date and time of day, and filter (by all users, or one specific user).

Crowd Flows

By analyzing crowd flows, you can better understand the flow of visitors, staff efficiency and potential bottlenecks in your space.

Replicate the exact path a single user or a group of users took on a given timeframe on given day. Data sources can come both from app-based and app-free analytics. App-based analytics gives personal, fine grain insights.


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Engagement Analytics

Shed light on consumer behavior with search and engagement analytics.

  • View the top keyword searches at any given time and pinpoint where the user was when they searched for a specific product or facility.
  • Get insights on your location-based engagement campaigns: how many notifications were sent, how many were opened (when and where), how many were rejected and how many actioned upon (e.g. loyalty coupons). 
  • Customize and filter different groups of users: those who have received messages, those who have actioned upon them, those who search for a specific brand on a weekly basis and much more.
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Operational Analytics

Monitor operations and resources in your venue using live maps and dashboards.
  • Analyze and display real-time data from sensors, devices, and social media feeds.

  • Put live tracking data in context of hazards, weather, campaigns and demographics.

  • Get real-time alerts and visualization on maps and dashboards.

Operational Analytics

We Put 
Privacy First 

Data privacy is of fundamental importance to Pointr and our customers. We do not own or sell any data, and we do not share location data across customers.

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