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App-free Maps and Wayfinding 

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Pointr Express is a powerful new way to offer our digital maps and location in an app-free package.


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View an interactive demo of Pointr Express for the world-famous Harrods department store.

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It's Nana's birthday, and her family is scrambling to find a gift.


Powerful Solution for Many Industries

  • Retail: Help shoppers find what they’re looking for and discover new products even if they don’t have your app. Pointr Express also has a persistent customizable banner you can use to drive app downloads, converting in-store shoppers to omnichannel customers.
  • Airports: Most passengers don’t use airport apps. Pointr Express lets you give every passenger searchable maps and real-time navigation, reducing traveler stress and showcasing restaurants and services.
  • Hospitals: Help patients and visitors find their way more easily, making healthcare friendlier and more accessible.
  • Workplace: Make your campus easy to navigate for visitors and employees from satellite locations.
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Benefits for Many Venue Types

  • Retail: Increase basket size and drive downloads of your app.
  • Airports: Reduce traveler stress, showcase restaurants and services.
  • Hospitals: Make healthcare friendlier and more accessible.
  • Workplace: Make your campus easier to navigate, manage smart buildings better.
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AI-powered mapping at scale

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  • We can create maps and prepare initial launch locations in 2-4 weeks.
  • We’re with you for internal testing and any needed adjustments.
  • After your public launch, plan and execute expansion to other sites in your portfolio.

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