Event Mapping & Indoor Navigation

Improve attendee experience and add value for exhibitors


Improve Attendee Experience

  • Make it easy for visitors to find and navigate to booths
  • Make it easy to find amenities (food, restrooms, coat check)
  • Make registration hassle-free with simple directions
  • Provide more information about speaker and panel sessions
  • Send out location-specific messages to showcase nearby exhibits or programming (‘Keynote session will start in 10 minutes’)
location aware messaging

Add Value for Exhibitors & Event Producers

  • Allow exhibitors to add rich POI data to the map
  • Increase exhibitor visibility for higher booth traffic
  • Custom QR codes for exhibitors to lead attendees to their booth
  • Alleviate event staff responsibility to answer visitor questions


Rich POI example

How can Pointr enhance your events?

Basic Capabilities

  • Provide an app-free experience with on-site QR codes or URLs
  • Automatically pull POI data from your databases with our robust APIs
  • Easily adapt to feedback and make last minute changes with our user friendly Pointr Cloud CMS portal
  • See usage statistics in real time 
  • Integrate into kiosks, event apps and websites with our SDKs for iOS, Android and web.
Graphic of NRF analytics

Advanced Capabilities

  • Analytics: Receive attendee insights in real time (searches, POI interactions, usage statistics, etc) and respond immediately to unsuccessful searches, see what exhibitors are the most sought after and add POI data as needed
  • Geofencing: Specify areas of interest, and send messages when visitors enter or exit a geofenced area.
  • Blue Dot: Add indoor positioning to your event with our Blue Dot technology, we can install Bluetooth beacons that detect users’ exact location to utilize dynamic wayfinding
Blue dot wayfinding

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