Deep Location®

The most accurate indoor location platform,
available at scale.

Highly Accurate Positioning

Accurate indoor location is very difficult to get right. We make it work. 

Pointr's indoor positioning system technology does not rely on the usage of the phone's compass, which in many indoor environments fails to deliver useful orientation. It also does not rely on fingerprinting or geomagnetic techniques, which are less accurate and cumbersome to install and maintain.

Instead, Pointr’s Deep Location® platform utilises sensor fusion techniques and machine-learning algorithms to provide incredible accuracy both in terms of blue-dot location and orientation. 

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Seamless multi-floor positioning

Pointr’s technology provides accurate indoor positioning even in large and complex buildings and across multiple levels. 

Multi-floor positioning is hard to achieve. That's why we use sensor fusion to ensure great accuracy, even in buildings with high ceilings and mezzanines. Our technology automatically detects which floor the user is on within a maximum of 3 seconds and updates the user interface accordingly.

Pointr's multi-floor technology is already deployed in some of the world's largest and most complex buildings such as international airports, events venues and shopping malls.


Smooth outdoor to indoor transition

Even with a super accurate indoor positioning system, translating that to indoor navigation is notoriously difficult. Indoor navigation must take into account not only positioning and orientation, but mapped location and obstacles such as moving from floor to floor of a building or from inside to outside and vice versa. 

Pointr's technology automatically chooses whether to use Deep Location® or GPS thanks to its indoor-outdoor positioning feature. There's no need to install any hardware outdoors - that makes our technology easy to integrate in smart cities with multiple venues. 

How does Indoor Positioning work

Highly Scalable

No one has come close to scaling indoor location. That's where we come in.

At Pointr, we've built Deep Location®, a highly scalable indoor location platform.

  • We utilise edge computing to process a user's position, thus ensuring excellent accuracy irrespective of the number of active users in a venue. 
  • With MapScale™, our patented mapping technology, our clients get customised digital maps of all of their buildings within hours.
  • We can deploy a range of location-based services in thousands of buildings just by switching our technology on, even remotely.

That's how, for the first time, we make indoor location available at scale.

Map Scale™@2x

The only scalable mapping platform 

Get intuitive and beautifully designed digital maps of all your venues instantly with MapScale™, the first digital mapping platform available at scale. 

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With or Without an App

Deep Location® enables indoor location in your venue with or without an app to bring you the best of both worlds. 

In-App location 

Positioning and Wayfinding

Bring real-time location context to your mobile apps. Enable location-based services such as indoor positioning, indoor navigation, contextual engagement and much more.

How it works

The position is determined through interaction between the user’s smartphone and the sensors placed at intervals throughout the venue. 


  • This method allows for user engagement (notifications, find your way) 
  • Data analytics are provided at user level 
  • Very rich interaction through your mobile app


App-free location 

Asset tracking and WiFi analytics

Get anonymous location-based analytics in your venue without the need of an app. Enable indoor positioning by attaching a tag to an asset or to a person without an app.

How it works

Our proprietary POP device or a similar third-party device already installed can pick up Bluetooth / Wi-Fi signals from either smartphones or smart tags. 


  • Anonymous analytics for any smartphone
  • For non-app use cases
  • Attach a tag to an asset or a person to track them - no smartphone needed

How it Works

Deploy Deep Location® in your venue in very little time by Deep Location as a Service (DLaaS™) combining Pointr's pioneering software technology and our expertise in hardware.

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Pointr SDKs

With the Pointr SDKs you can build web or mobile apps that take full advantage of our powerful Deep Location® platform. The Pointr SDKs are designed for modular integration from ground up and they are easy to incorporate into your own apps. We can also provide our Prototype App for quick testing and validation.

Pointr Mobile SDK @2x

Available across multiple platforms 

Pointr Mobile SDK (iOS & Android)

Pointr Mobile SDK @2x

Pointr Mobile SDK is a native library available on both iOS and Android, designed to be integrated seamlessly into mobile apps to enable Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Digital Mapping and Augmenting Reality. 

Pointr Web & Kiosk SDK

Pointr Web & Kiosk SDK@2x

Digital Mapping and Indoor Navigation can also be experienced on desktop and mobile browsers or on kiosk hardware, including tailored functionalities such as multi-language and automatic software updates.

Pointr Cloud

Pointr Cloud is a set of dashboards designed to manage your location-based operations.

It can be used to configure and manage hardware, manage digital maps and content, view insightful location analytics and create location-based marketing campaigns. Most capabilities are also available as a RESTful API.

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Hardware components

Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons

At Pointr, we make smart use of Bluetooth® Beacons. Beacons are small radio transmitters that can be understood by nearby smartphones and tablets. They come in multiple shapes and sizes. They can be standalone battery or USB powered devices or can be integrated into WiFi access points or lighting infrastructure. Pointr does not manufacture beacons and is a hardware-agnostic company.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons@2x

Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags

Attached to an item or a person, Bluetooth Low Energy Tags are perfect for Asset Tracking and optimising people flow, space and equipment usage. They can also be used for security applications with an Emergency Panic button. Pointr does not manufacture Bluetooth Low Energy Tags and is a hardware-agnostic company.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags

WiFi Access Points & Virtual POP™

Pointr can provide accurate indoor location and location-based analytics to venues with existing WiFi Access Points from many brands. As people move around the building, the Access Points pick up WiFi and Bluetooth signals without the need of an app. The location data is then calculated by the Pointr Virtual POP™ engine. 

The Pointr Cloud dashboard displays heatmaps, people flows, visitor paths and occupancy analytics in real-time and in replay. This enables venue owners to identify bottlenecks in specific zones and change their layout or processes accordingly. It also allows them to manage occupancy in their building.

Pointr POP™

Deploy with us

Build your solution from concept to scale with Pointr experts. Our team of experienced engineers will guide you through the deployment process.

Pilot Phase

During this phase we will work with you to test your solution with a small group of users. We will provide you with all the necessary hardware and software tools, including a standalone app if necessary.

  • Perform initial sensor installation to enable data collection
  • Integrate our software tools to a standalone app
  • Perform on-site testing
  • Design the overall architecture of your system
  • Technical support to ensure the PoC is successful 
Deploy at Scale

We will develop a deployment plan & tools for the full roll-out:

  • Install beacons in all your locations
  • Manage your beacons fleet with Pointr Cloud
  • Perform on-site testing
  • Training of your team
  • Ongoing technical support to ensure the deployment is successful

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