Siemens and Pointr Continue to Transform Buildings Around The World

Siemens have further demonstrated their commitment to accelerating digital transformation by partnering with Pointr on a number of exciting global projects. 

Siemens’ Xcelerator platform and marketplace is a powerful ecosystem of technology partners geared towards meeting the business needs of their clients. Xcelerator brings together all hardware, software and digital services from Siemens’ various portfolios as well as a range of certified third parties in order to make digital transformation easier, faster and scalable. 

As the world’s best performing (and only truly scalable) indoor location technology and mapping platform, Pointr has been a natural fit for Xcelerator and was chosen during the first phase of partner selection. 

Pointr’s SDK has already been integrated into Siemens’ workplace technology solution, Comfy, which is designed to simplify the shift to hybrid working through collaboration, navigation and communication features. 

Together, Pointr and Siemens have already rolled out or are actively implementing smart building and workplace solutions in some of the world’s largest and most advanced buildings, including the Siemens Germany HQ, the University of Birmingham’s new campus in Dubai, and McDonalds HQ in Chicago.

“The key to tackling projects of this scale and magnitude is flexibility and accuracy,” says Jessica Milan VP of Partnerships at Pointr. “We designed Pointr’s positioning technology to be hardware and software agnostic so that we could integrate with any existing or preferred solutions and hardware that may already exist in the building. This was also what enabled us to seamlessly and quickly integrate with Siemens’ existing Comfy app and Enlighted sensors rolled out across various projects.” 

Pointr’s SDK integrates with the Comfy app and detects and processes Bluetooth signals from sensors to accurately calculate a users’ position within <3 meters. Together with Siemens, Pointr enables the following solutions:

  • Digital apps that connect people with work spaces and amenities, e.g. seamlessly directing visitors to meeting rooms or points of interest or reserving desk, meeting rooms and parking spots in smart buildings;
  • Unobtrusive IoT occupancy sensors and room booking systems that indicate when desks or meeting rooms are occupied to optimize the use of space within a building; 
  • Accurate wayfinding and access controls that enable visitors and staff to make their way around large campuses, multi-storey buildings or hospitals; 
  • Location services that create more engaging workplaces as well as employee analytics that can be used to improve space utilization. 

“Our partnership with Pointr enables us to deliver even more value to our clients and the end users who will benefit from our smart, optimized, and flexible workspaces,” says Stefan Schwab, CEO Comfy/Enlighted “We look forward to working with Pointr to support and meet the needs of our clients even further.” 

“Accurate location services are at the heart of every smart app and every smart building,” says Milan. “As more companies realize the value of smart buildings and the trend towards hybrid work continues to gain momentum, we believe that a day will come when Pointr technology can be found in every major building in the world, in one way or another.”