Harrods & Pointr Win Drapers Digital Award

  • Harrods won a Drapers Digital Award for ‘Best Use of Technology in Store’ for their Mobile Store Guide, powered by Pointr
  • Pointr digitized Harrods' entire store catalogue, helping the luxury retailer to paint a picture of their digital store 

We’re proud to announce that Harrods won a prestigious Drapers Digital Award for ‘Best Use of Technology in Store’ for the Mobile Store Guide in their app.

Using Pointr's technology, the Mobile Store Guide enables customers to find their way around using a smartphone or a tablet. The Mobile Store Guide detects the location of a customer’s device, and highlights their location on the interactive map. As well as browsing maps, customers can locate brands, services and restaurants using a searchable store index, and find routes to their favourite departments.

To make this possible, Pointr digitized the entire store catalogue of Harrods, creating beautifully designed digital maps in line with Harrods' brand. We automatised the process to so that all content updates are done automatically daily, to ensure that the maps stay relevant.  

Discover the Mobile Store Guide 

The launch and steady improvement to the Mobile Store Guide has helped increase downloads by 60% YoY with a 22% uptake in average monthly users and improving return users by over half. In the latest app user survey, 9 in 10 had used the Mobile Store Guide to route their way around the one million square-foot Knightsbridge store. By providing a tool to support the customer journey, satisfaction and time spent shopping has increased, leading to more store visits and trade.

The CEO of Pointr, Ege Akpinar, has stated that: "The beautiful design of the Mobile Store Guide has been a key in the success of Harrods' app experience. We are very pleased for the recognition of our work with Harrods, who was one of our earliest customers.”

Next time you visit Harrods, make sure you try out the Store Guide to locate your favourite labels and departments.

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