Location Based

Optimise operations by tracking the location of any asset in real time, understand asset utilisation and historically replay the journey of an asset by day, user and time.

Indoor Location Tracking of Assets

Indoor Location Tracking of Assets

Be it tracking buggies at airports, wheelchairs at train stations or trolleys in supermarkets – we’ve got it covered. With Pointr’s indoor location tracking system it’s now possible to locate assets and see them on a digital map, real time 24/7. Through this, venues can better utilise assets by locating and retrieving them more efficiently and through better understanding their utilisation levels.

Key specs of indoor location tracking

Key specs of indoor location tracking include

  • Real-time Tracking

  • Historical Replay

  • Track Assets

  • Track Staff Members

  • Timestamps

  • Security Alerts

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Understanding footfall, search analytics, heatmaps and being able to help people find the products they want to buy or even discover new ones through location based engagement is the key to enhancing the whole retail experience.


Real-time positioning throughout the whole airport. Improved passenger experience from the moment passengers enter the car park until their departure. Optimised operations for both airlines and airports. Deep location data and analytics for the commercial and operations team.


Track, analyse and enhance operations. From complex factory settings to large construction sites. We offer both tailored solutions and out of the box modules providing plethora of services such as asset tracking, historical path replays and smart reporting functionalities.

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