Real-Time Location Tracking

Get a real-time view of people and assets in your venue

Optimize your processes

To operate efficiently, you need greater visibility of your employees and assets.

Pointr Deep Location® is a high performing indoor location platform that powers all your tracking requirements.

  • View the exact location of people and assets as they move on a map in your space.
  • Optimize staff movements and routes in complex venues
  • Protect valuable equipment and optimize asset utilization 


Optimise your processes

Resolve problems faster

With precise location data and real-time alerts, you can act in real-time to improve your operations and solve issues.
  • Set location-based alerts if the asset leaves a specific location, using geofencing

  • Locate staff faster in emergencies and send alerts

  • Assign tasks to staff based on their real-time location, for example the nearest staff member 


Resolve problems faster

Streamline production

Improve warehouse management and increase inventory turnover by accurately tracking equipment and employeee journeys.
  • Identify inefficiencies and improve visibility by analyzing employee journeys on a dashboard
  • View heatmaps to reduce bottlenecks in specific areas
  • View real-time and historical location data to track progress.
Streamline production

Most Popular Use Cases of Location Tracking

Travel Hubs
Travel Hubs

Track trolleys, wheelchairs buggies to ensure they are available at peak times and that their spread is maximized. Track unaccompanied minors travelling alone.


Track expensive power-tools, forklifts or medical equipment to avoid loss of equipment and ensure a better operational performance. If a device is not to leave a certain area, a message can be triggered.


Deploy your staff more effectively for tasks such as stock-taking and fulfillment. Optimize staff routes and send employees directly to a customer needing assistance or to a location requiring urgent attention, such as a spill or malfunctioning equipment.

Hotels and Resorts

Enable an accurate panic button solution for lone workers. Track cleaning carts to monitor which rooms are ready for guests in real-time. Optimize staff routes and send employees directly to a customer nor location requiring attention.

Key Features

Real-time location tracking

Locate in real time desired assets, personnel and inventory

Replay Location of Assets

Historically replay the movements of assets over a chosen period of time

Assign Time Stamps

Assign time stamps to assets through personalized rules. For example, time stamps on when a buggy was spotted at a specific departure gate at the airport.

Get Alerts

Track your campaign success based on data such as number of triggers, activated messages or conversion rates.

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