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Build location technology for the physical world with Pointr

Deploy Deep Location®

We use a combination of software and hardware components to implement Deep Location® for our clients. With our customized approach, you can deploy Deep Location® at your venue in the way that works best for your needs: with existing or new hardware or maps; on one or multiple channels (iOS, Android, web & kiosk).

Pointr Mobile SDK

Pointr Mobile SDK is a native library available on both iOS and Android.

It is designed to be integrated seamlessly into mobile apps (whether native or hybrid) to enable Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Digital Mapping and Augmenting Reality. iOS and Android libraries are separate native libraries. Our clients have successfully used them in native apps as well as hybrid frameworks such as React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Kony and more. In short, we support any framework that support official native iOS and Android frameworks.

Pointr Mobile SDK

Pointr Web & Kiosk SDK

Digital Mapping and Indoor Navigation can also be experienced on desktop and mobile browsers or on kiosk hardware, including tailored functionalities such as multi-language and automatic software updates.

Pointr Web & Kiosk SDK

Pointr Cloud

Pointr Cloud is a set of dashboards designed to manage your location-based operations.

It can be used to configure and manage hardware, manage digital maps and content, view insightful location analytics and create location-based marketing campaigns. Most capabilities are also available as a RESTful API.

Pointr Cloud


Pointr’s MapScale® enables venue managers to get digital maps of their space at scale instantly.

The tool automatically pulls the selected files and converts them into interactive, beautifully designed digital maps.

With the Auto Sync feature, all the content updates are done automatically daily. Until now, it took days to create a digital map and the process was fully manual. With MapScale®, creating a digital map goes from days to seconds and venue operators ensure that their maps stay relevant, without the hassle.

Map Scale™

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Indoor Location

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Benefits of Pointr Deep Location®

Deep Location® combines sensor fusion and machine-learning techniques to bring you the best performing indoor location technology available today.

The most accurate blue dot

The best performing indoor positioning system, with an accuracy of 1-3 meters

Highly Scalable

No finferprinting, minimal maintenance

Plug & Play

Our platform is designed for third-party integration.

Cloud or on-premise

Enterprise friendly and ready for integration

Secure & Compliant

All data is anonymised, stored securely in line with GDPR regulation. The venue owns the data.

Future proof

We are agile and constantly investing in R&D. We’re in this sector for the long run.

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