Best-in-Class Hardware

Deploy Deep Location in your venue in the way that works best for you. 

We use a combination of software and hardware components to implement Deep Location for
our clients. With our customized approach, you can deploy Deep Location at your venue in the
way that works best for your needs: with or without an app, with existing or new hardware or
maps; on one or multiple channels (iOS, Android, web & kiosk). 

Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons

At Pointr, we make smart use of Bluetooth® Beacons. Beacons are small radio transmitters that can be understood by nearby smartphones and tablets. They come in multiple shapes and sizes. They can be standalone battery or USB powered devices, or can be integrated into WiFi access points or lighting infrastructure. Pointr does not manufacture beacons and is a hardware-agnostic company.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Beacons

Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags

Attached to an item or a person, Bluetooth Low Energy Tags are perfect for Asset Tracking and optimising people flow, space and equipment usage. They can also be used for security applications with an Emergency Panic button. Pointr does not manufacture Bluetooth Low Energy Tags and is a hardware-agnostic company.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Tags

Pointr POP™

Designed in London, Pointr POP™ is a gateway that powers location analytics, asset tracking and beacon monitoring, all at the same time.

Pointr’s POP devices are mains-powered which can utilize available USB power outlets or power-over-ethernet facilities. They track Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy signals and have security measures put in place that makes the signal highly resilient to Wi-Fi interruptions.

Pointr POP™ powers indoor location for venues without WiFi Access Points. If a venue already has already installed WiFi Access Points compatible with Deep Location, POP™ devices may not be required.

Pointr POP™

Deploy with us

Build your solution from concept to scale with Pointr experts. Our team of experienced engineers will guide you through the deployment process.

Proof of Concept

During this phase we will work with you to test your solution with a small group of users. We will provide you with all the necessary hardware and software tools, including a standalone app if necessary.

  • Perform initial sensor installation to enable data collection
  • Integrate our software tools to a standalone app
  • Perform on-site testing
  • Design the overall architecture of your system
  • Technical support to ensure a successful PoC
Deploy at Scale

We will develop a deployment plan & tools for the full roll-out:

  • Install beacons in all your locations
  • Manage your beacons fleet with Pointr Cloud
  • Perform on-site testing
  • Training of your team
  • Ongoing technical support to ensure a successful deployment

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Did you know?

Pointr has already installed more than 11,000 sensors in the world.

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Benefits of Pointr Deep Location

Deep Location combines sensor fusion and machine-learning techniques to bring you the best performing indoor location technology available today.

The most accurate blue dot

The best performing indoor positioning system, with an accuracy of 1-3 meters

App-based or App-free

The best of both worlds. We’re the only company who supports both options.

Plug & Play

Minimal setup and maintenance. Our platform is designed for integration.

Cloud or On-premise

Enterprise friendly and ready for integration

Secure & Compliant

All data is anonymized, stored securely in line with GDPR regulation. The venue owns the data.

Future Proof

We are agile and constantly investing in R&D. We’re in this sector for the long run.

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