Gamify your space and guide visitors with our pioneering AR technology

Activate AR experiences instantly at scale

Until now, no-one had solved the puzzle of creating a Location-Based AR that works at scale indoors. Existing technologies require a cumbersome process to calibrate, lack accuracy and don't work at scale. That's where Pointr comes in.

Augmenting Reality™ is the only AR technology available today that activates instantly in all your venues.




Next-Generation Travel Experience

With AR Navigation, directions are placed in the real world to show you the way. Journeys inside large venues become interactive and simple. It's particularly helpful in travel hubs such as airports and large shopping malls. 

Next-Generation Travel Experience

Create Immersive Experiences with AR

Use Augmenting Reality to get customers involved, create an enjoyable experience and ultimately build an emotional connection with the brand.

  • Gamify your customer rewards program by creating exclusive location-based AR experiences.   
  • Help visitors find their way intuitively with AR directions in the real-world.
  • Highlight specific products and services with AR cards.  


Create Immersive Experiences with AR

The Most Accurate AR Technology

The core of a good AR experience is getting your exact location and orientation correct. This ensures the AR visuals are contextually relevant and accurate.

This is where is our Deep Location® technology makes a real difference by enabling the most accurate AR experiences inside venues. 

Wherever indoor positioning is enabled, Augmenting Reality™ is also enabled, with no extra steps needed. This is a game changer as it makes AR navigation available instantly at scale.

The Most Accurate AR Technology-1

Applications of Location-Based AR

Build engaging experiences to increase revenue and optimize daily operations

Airports & Travel Hubs

Revolutionize the passenger experience by making the journey seamless, interactive and simple thanks to AR navigation. Show travellers a way to a needed gate, baggage carousels, check-in desks, specific food or shopping outlets.


Reward customers for visiting your store and engaging with your brand by creating exclusive AR experiences tied to a specific location.

Smart Workplace
Smart Workplace

Provide smart onboarding and interactive AR tours of your campus for new or visiting employees to help them meet their teams.


Provide guests with AR overlays with interactive information about the history of the local area. Create AR offers and enable navigation to encourage guests to engage with facilities such as restaurants, bars and gift shops.

Pointr's Upgrade Program

Ready to upgrade your building?

70% of companies implementing an indoor location system struggle with jumpy blue dot, inaccurate location data, and a frustrating user experience. At Pointr, we help companies get more value from their indoor location system.

Get ready to explore Pointr's Upgrade Program and unlock the power of accurate indoor positioning systems for your buildings.

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Read our guide to unlock the power of indoor navigation with Pointr Deep Location® technology.

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Read the guide to Indoor Navigation

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