Pointr Cloud - the power to manage maps and location data in a single, unified platform

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Pointr Cloud, our content management system that empowers our clients to manage, configure, and maintain Pointr’s digital maps and location services.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • A brief overview of the mapping challenge, how we address it with Pointr Cloud
  • Some enhanced benefits of the new Pointr Cloud.
  • Even more exciting updates to Pointr Cloud you can look forward to in the future.

Map content management with Pointr Cloud

It can be difficult at large venues like workplace campuses, hospitals, shopping malls, and airports to find specific locations, particularly with maps that change regularly. Indoor mapping and wayfinding make it easier for visitors to find everything from meeting rooms to rest rooms, reception areas to hospital wards, car parking to shops, and duty free to departure gates.

We developed our new Pointr Cloud as a user-friendly map content management system to help our customers easily manage their indoor maps and wayfinding settings without the need for programming skills.

Keeping maps accurate and up to date can be a major challenge but our intuitive interface makes real-time edits and user updates a breeze. Simply drag and drop map objects and points of interest to move them around on the map. You can draw paths directly on the dashboard. You can also change the details of any Point of Interest (PoI) right on the map itself and have the revisions automatically propagated to all users. 

Pointr Cloud is in the cloud, which means your admin can manage maps and navigation from anywhere and on any device. When changes are made, they’re automatically updated to all platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and kiosk. Your visitor doesn't have to download the new version of your mobile app to see the latest map content. It has never been easier to manage your digital maps, regardless of the size of your enterprise. 

Some enhanced benefits of the new Pointr Cloud

You already love Pointr because of its speed, accuracy and scalability - our new release of Pointr Cloud is set to take your map and wayfinding management experience to a whole new level.

Here are just some exciting new developments delivered by recent upgrades and our latest Pointr Cloud CMS.

Pointr Cloud - current version

Pointr Cloud - upgraded

Easy-to-use dashboard 

A user-friendly dashboard allows all team members to easily manage and customize digital maps, map content, sensor locations, and wayfinding functions without the need for programming skills. 

Upload & sync your map easily 

Create and manage all your sites and buildings on ONE world map. Upload your floor plans (GeoJSON) to create georeferenced digital maps available in 2D and 3D within your buildings in minutes. 

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World map connectivity 

All your digital maps are connected to the world map, giving users ready access to a campus-wide view and functionality, enabling cross-campus indoor-outdoor navigation to dynamically guide users between buildings, floors, and outdoor spaces. For example, hospitals can guide patients from their home to the most convenient car parking area and suggest the best access route to their hospital appointments. 

Supports 2D and 3D maps on both mobile and web platforms 

In the latest Pointr Cloud, users now get a truly immersive wayfinding experience with smooth indoor-outdoor transitions. They can zoom into 3D maps in detail and get information such as updated map details, points of interest, opening hours and more. Our new Pointr Cloud supports mobile and web map widgets with 2D and 3D views, and is compliant with intuitive search and wayfinding. 

Intuitive map editing, real-time update 

With the new Pointr Cloud, it's easier to edit any site, building, and floor directly on your map. The new drag & drop function lets you quickly update and create walls, rooms, points of interest, and map objects such as corridors and atria within buildings. The new Pointr Cloud can automatically propagate changes quickly across the network through the Pointr SDK. 

Manage all your location operations 

Need to change your paths for wayfinding? Want to keep your sensor topology on track? Simply go to Pointr Cloud to get all your tasks done. 

Our new Pointr Cloud provides a more flexible editing environment that allows users to adjust and create new paths and multi-floor transition portals such as escalators, lifts, and stairs for wayfinding functionalities. Additionally, the powerful CMS can manage your buildings' sensor topology. No more recording your sensors on paper; now you can add any sensor to your digital maps with Pointr Cloud. 

Wayfinding configuration

Create and manage your paths to enable wayfinding functionality in your building

Beacon management

Record the locations and metadata of your beacons (major, min, UUID etc.)


More exciting enhancements are in the pipeline

Pointr works with major US and international customers in aviation, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and smart workplaces to provide accurate indoor positioning that delivers an optimal end-user experience. 

Our customers can look forward to even more enhancements to our feature-filled platform in the future, such as:

  1. Multi-client support - the ability to manage multiple clients who occupy your buildings worldwide.
  2. More user-friendly design with graphs for wayfinding management - including the inter-building portal's configuration to easily manage indoor/outdoor wayfinding.
  3. Support for geofence features for proximity notifications functionality.
  4. 3rd-party sniffer topology and management.
  5. MapScale® API integration - import MapScale® results (AI-powered auto-mapping technology) to Pointr Cloud. You can drop your CAD file directly on Pointr Cloud to digitize and manage your digital maps in one go!

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