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70% of companies who implement an indoor location system struggle with jumpy blue dot positioning, inaccurate location data, and a frustrating user experience.


That's why we created the Upgrade Program, to help you switch easily to a great indoor location experience at no extra cost.

Poor Indoor Location


Location Accuracy:
5-20 meters, delayed

Inaccurate (compass)

Floor detection:
Inaccurate (jumps to wrong floors)

Time to deploy:
Weeks or months

Monthly maintenance

Setup cost:

Great Indoor Location

Deep Location® platform

Location accuracy:
1 -3 meter, real-time (patented)

Smooth (compass-free) (patented)

Floor detection:
Highly accurate (patented)

Time to deploy:
Hours (patented)

None (patented)

Setup cost:

They have already switched to Pointr

Over the years, dozens of upset companies such as IKEA, United, CBRE or Harrods have switched to Pointr as they wanted to get more value from their indoor location system.


Upgrade your location experience in 45 days

Pick the capabilities you need and we handle the switch. We use your existing hardware wherever possible and we match the terms of your current provider.

  • Free 45 days pilot

  • We use your existing hardware

  • Fully remote setup


Find out if you're eligible to Pointr's Upgrade Program

Switch to Pointr to unlock a great location experience in 45 days


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Pick your capabilities and we handle the switch

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Got any questions?

Check out our dedicated FAQ

How does Pointr's Upgrade Program work?

Pointr's Upgrade Program is a 45-day free pilot program designed for large venues such as hospitals, workplaces, retail stores, airports that intend to get more value from their existing indoor positioning technology. Pointr leverages your existing hardware (Beacons, Access Points, Smart Lighting, and other IoT devices) to improve the accuracy of your indoor location data and the user experience. Pointr offers indoor positioning, indoor navigation, AR navigation, digital mapping, location analytics, geofencing, and heatmaps. 

Get ready to mix and choose the location capabilities provided by Pointr and unlock the power of Deep Location®. Find out if you are eligible for our program using the Upgrade Program Form.

Which devices support Pointr?

Any device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) supports indoor positioning with Pointr. Pointr SDK supports operating systems, including iOS v8 and above, Android v5 and above.

What’s the installation process for Pointr’s Upgrade Program?

Once you've filled out the Upgrade Program form, our team gets in touch with you within 48 hours to confirm whether you're eligible for the free 45-days pilot. 

Our team will review your specific requirements and agree on a set of KPIs to meet at the end of the 45 days. We will then leverage your existing hardware whenever possible and provide you with a standalone app and access to the Pointr Cloud dashboard.

After our team finishes the setup (remotely), you will be able to access highly accurate indoor positioning and any other capabilities you have requested (AR, Digital Maps, Location Analytics, etc.). We can also integrate the technology directly into your app.

Our team will support you throughout the process and get you up and running as soon as possible. Companies like United Airlines or Harrods have already switched to us. Check out our case studies and latest blog to see their experience with us.

Do I need an App?

At Pointr, our location platform supports both app-based and app-free use cases.

Our SDK can be easily integrated into your existing apps (iOS, Android or web) with tapped-in Pointr location-based features. We also provide a white label app that is open for integration and can be tailored to each project’s needs.

Our app-free analytics platform picks up Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from either smartphones or smart tags and provides insightful location-based analytics reports, enabling app-free anonymous analytics via any smartphones or smart tags.

How private and secure is my data?

Pointr Deep Location® collects all personal information anonymously and the data is stored securely in your private cloud. Pointr’s SDK doesn’t collect any data through apps without users’ permission. We work closely with our clients to ensure all the latest data privacy policies and requirements are up-to-date and met.

How should I start if I'm not eligible for the Upgrade Program?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

With Pointr Deep Location as a Service® (DLaaS®), we offer end-to-end location services, including digitizing venues with interactive digital maps, blue dots for accurate indoor positioning and navigation, and coordinating hardware implementation if needed.

Our team will support you to set up the SDK and ensure smooth integration and deployment throughout the process. 

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Download Factsheet to learn more about Pointr DLaaS® or

Contact us to start your journey with our 45-day pilot program.

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