Location Sharing


Allow visitors to share their real-time location
with others in your venue

Location Sharing - device

Create Great Customer Experiences

Enable visitors to request assistance via the app at the tap of a button.

Efficient and timely customer service is one of the surest ways to enhance in-venue experiences.

Visitors with your app can tap a button for assistance and your staff will simultaneously receive the request on an iPad, with the real-time location of the customer.

Visitors are also able to share their locations with friends and family inside your venue.

Create great customer experiences

Facilitate Collaboration

Enable visitors or employees to quickly locate colleagues inside large buildings.

It’s now possible to set up ad-hoc meetings at an employee’s live location, which saves time and improves collaboration and efficiency.

Facilitate collaboration

Increase Safety

Enable your employees to quickly share their location in emergency situations or to activate a panic button for lone workers.
Increase Safety

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Pointr’s Deep Location® platform powers all your location requirements,
from mapping, navigation and positioning to
location-based analytics and marketing.


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