Interact with visitors in the moment, drive engagement and loyalty with highly targeted campaigns

Location-based Marketing-device

Watch How Sainsbury’s Enables Micro-Location Messaging

Boost Customer 

Increase customer satisfaction by providing useful services and communications to your customers when they need it. 

Amazon makes 30% of their revenue from recommendations - which are very tailored as they know where you click, what you search for.

With Pointr Deep Location® embedded into your website and your mobile apps, you can also understand product search history and store visit history.

Imagine walking into a supermarket and as you are browsing cheese, getting "Sarah - we have a 20% offer for you on Argentinian Malbec wines today. Fancy some with cheese?" - which is exactly what Amazon does with "people who bought this, also bought this".

  • Personalize experiences: Segment visitors based on their location, behavior and demographics to reach your audience at the right moment, on the right channel. Location-based marketing can boost sales by 30% (source: McKinsey).
  • Provide better service: Offer more convenient experiences in your space using a visitor's real-time location: more convenient click-and-collect, customer service requests via an app, hands-free shopping and more.
Boost Customer Loyalty

Know your Customers

Gain deeper insights into your customers by applying location context to consumer behavior.

  • Combine location insights such as dwell time, product searches and visitor journeys with purchase history, CRM and loyalty data to get a holistic view of customer behavior.
  • Predict a customer’s next move using historical data and use location intelligence to better engage with visitors.
Know your Customers

Increase ROI

Increase your campaigns' effectiveness and your returns by connecting the dots between online and offline customer behavior

Imagine being able to measure whether your event (eg. concert) brought new visitors, where those new visitors went and how long they stayed. 

With location data, you're able measure the ROI of your in-venue events so you don't waste money on the wrong campaigns again.

Increase ROI

Engage With Visitors 
in the Moment

Contextual Notifications

Identify users in real-time and send them a personalized notification at the right time and at the right place using geofencing.
  • Segment your audience based on complex rule sets and real-time information to engage in a meaningful way.
  • Notifications can include customer surveys, product reviews, personalized offers and other useful information.

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Contextual Notifications

CRM & Loyalty Integration

We provide easy and intuitive integrations with third-party systems, including CRM, POS systems and loyalty schemes.

By combining location data with loyalty schemes, venue managers are able to create a truly omni-channel experience for visitors.

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CRM & Loyalty Integration

Location Sharing

Enable visitors to locate friends and family inside your space and to request assistance by sharing their real-time location.
  • Users can see shared locations on a map, receive turn-by-turn directions and easily navigate to other users.
  • Visitors can request assistance wherever they are within the venue, which enables better customer service.
  • Visitors can share their location with loved ones or with colleagues

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Location Sharing

Our Industry Solutions

See our offerings in action and how they add value to different industries.

We Put Privacy First

Data privacy is of fundamental importance to Pointr and our customers. We do not sell any data, and we do not share location data across customers.


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