Date: Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Time: 9:00 AM(PT)/ 12:00 AM(ET)/ 4:00 PM(GMT)

How to Create Smart Workplaces with IoT

Is your office ready for the new normal? Learn how IoT & location technology can help you enable great employee experiences and safer, smarter workplaces.

In this session, Brennan McReynolds at CBRE, Emmanuel HR Daniel at Microsoft, Paul Dupont at Pointr and Aaron Lapsley will discuss:

  • Best practices for enabling a smart workplace
  • Employee experience app: Buy it or build it?
  • What does the technology roadmap look like? 
  • How to measure ROI from smart workplaces

Joint webinar with Microsoft and CBRE


Brennan McReynolds
Global Product & Technology Lead, CBRE Host

Streamlining Delivery of a Modern Office with CBRE Host.

Emmanuel HR Daniel
Director, Industry Innovation - Smart Buildings & Campuses, Microsoft

Digitally Transforming a Campus in to a Smart Workplace 

Paul Dupont
VP of Technical Sales, Pointr

3 ways Deep Location® technology Enables Safer, Smarter Workplaces.

Aaron Lapsley
Digital building strategist and engineer, System2 Consulting

Aaron Lapsley will lead the panel discussion on smart workplaces. Aaron is a smart workplace expert, ex-Cushman Wakefield and ex-Gensler 

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