Joint Webinar Session

Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Time: 8:00 AM(PT)/ 11:00 AM(ET)/ 4:00 PM(GMT)

Will 5G replace Bluetooth for IoT and location services?

Location services are changing the way we interact with buildings such large hospitals, workplaces or retail stores. With Bluetooth and Pointr technology, building manager can now create great visitor experiences with applications such as indoor navigation, space utilization, asset tracking and geofencing. 

In the session, Chuck Sabin, Senior Director, Market Development at the Bluetooth SIG and Paul Dupont, Pointr’s VP of Technical Sales, will discuss: 

  • What are the applications of indoor location services for smart buildings? How to enable great visitor experiences & better operational efficiency?
  • What technologies are available for indoor location services? Are Ultra-Wideband, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology or 5G fit for purpose? 
  • How do you get started? What are the must-knows to successfully implement Bluetooth location services? 
  • What is the future for location services, Bluetooth technology and smart buildings?

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Chuck Sabin
Senior Director, Bluetooth SIG

Enable location services and smart buildings using Bluetooth technologies.

Paul Dupont
VP of Technical Sales, Pointr

Enable smart buildings with indoor navigation, notifications, occupancy management.

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