Contextual Notifications

Seamlessly push the right content, to the right person, at the right time and location.

The Possibilities of Contextual Notifications

Unlock the power of location by setting rules through geofencing and creating virtual zones. Our seamless content management system allows you to simply drag and drop virtual zones and set rules such as “if customer with “x” profile enters this specific area and stands in front of “y” brand for a set period of time then send them “z” message”.
Location based engagement boasts of our signature technology named “silent update”. This enables you to make any changes to campaigns or the environment that automatically updates in the background without the need of a user updating their apps.
Contextual Notifications
Key Specs of Geofencing and Virtual Zones

Key Specs of Geofencing and Virtual Zones include:

  • Remote Push

  • In-App Push

  • Survey Mode

  • Media Support

  • Traceability

  • Ubiquitous

  • Virtual Zones Rule Driven

  • Private

  • Augmented Reality

Our Industries


Understanding footfall, search analytics, heatmaps and being able to help people find the products they want to buy or even discover new ones through location based engagement is the key to enhancing the whole retail experience.


Real-time positioning throughout the whole airport. Improved passenger experience from the moment passengers enter the car park until their departure. Optimised operations for both airlines and airports. Deep location data and analytics for the commercial and operations team.


Track, analyse and enhance operations. From complex factory settings to large construction sites. We offer both tailored solutions and out of the box modules providing plethora of services such as asset tracking, historical path replays and smart reporting functionalities.

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