Pointr-enabled Other Sectors

Pointr’s patent pending technology can also be utilised in a wide range of venues. Below are some of our deployments with a brief overview of our offerings:

Smart Office

Positioning of employees

Real time positioning of where employees and/or managers are. Particularly interesting for co-working spaces or hotdesk environments, where you have many facilities, access requirements and visitor frequencies.

Office Navigation

Accurate navigation to facilities and to meeting rooms with smart insights such as “meeting room availability”.

Employee engagement

Relevant contextual messages in certain areas of the floor or day. For example corporate gatherings and special events.

For co-working spaces, things such as “which mentor/investor is in today and where they are sitting”.

Location sharing

Share location with colleagues so they can find you. Particularly useful for large offices where they also have events during the day, it can be used by the staff to find each other.

Similarly, in co-working spaces, through location sharing you can understand who is around you and meet new people with similar interests.

Office utilisation analytics

Smart analytics into the office space flow through heat maps, meeting room utilisation, how and where staff spend time, and other insights such as interaction across different departments etc…

Pointr Powered AFA (App Free Analytics)

Pointr has developed a solution that can provide powerful analytics without the need of employees using an app.

Libraries & Universities

Book search and navigation

Helping users find the book they are looking for within a large multi-floor library with turn-by-turn navigation.

Optimizing user engagement

Such as scheduled reminders for book collection upon entrance of the library to customised book-return messages.

User Analytics

Understand how often students visit the university or library, what time of day, how long and where they spend time and what point of interest they search for.

Request Support

With Pointr generating user location, our software allows users to request assistance from a librarian to an exact location.


We believe Pointr’s technology can have a positive impact in our society, especially for aiding the visually impaired in public locations.

Passengers Want Navigation

Reducing travel anxiety in train stations is key to a good experience and increased retail engagement.

Increased Discovery

More and more rail stations are starting to have increased retail offerings however even the most frequent travel sometimes is not aware of the new brands and shops that are available. Through indoor location stations can unlock the discovery potential and better manage flow.

Enhanced Operational Performance

Heatmaps and analytics of station usage based on day, time and certain events (e.g. cancellations of trains) add a new layer of management power to the station.

Free up time for staff

“Where are the toilets? or Where is platform 10?” can be questions of the past that your staff no longer need to answer and instead can focus on doing mission critical tasks and keep the station and trains running impeccably.


Our advanced indoor location technology developed for Exhibitions is now used in four countries across Europe and Asia.

Increased app downloads and
better visitor experience

Providing useful features such as searching for and navigating to stands and facilities helps drive app downloads, while improving accessibility at the same time. Pointr is easy to customise so either the venue or a single exhibition can use the technology and easily integrate into an existing app.

Increased Expo Sales

Engaging with visitors is easier than ever thanks to live, scheduled or position based visitor notifications.

Visitor Analytics

Pointr generates insight into how people are interacting with an event, including heatmaps, visit duration and stand engagement.

Increased Expo Sales

Visitors can discover new booths and can drive customer flows to the relevant stand, increasing interaction and driving sales.

Better Networking

Pointr makes it easy to share contact details by tapping phones together, removing the stack of business cards to type up after the event. Knowing another visitors email address allows location sharing, making it easy to meet up for a chat.

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