Learn how Pointr have elevated patient experience at UCHealth

Over the past several months, one of Pointr’s major projects has been helping UCHealth, a major not-for-profit healthcare organization based in Colorado, to elevate their patient experience through a new, state-of-the-art app. 

When first approached by UCHealth, the project proposed to Pointr was both challenging and immensely exciting. UCHealth’s Anschutz Medical Campus comprises of more than 60 floors across 12 buildings, totalling over 2.5 million square footage in total. 

For a modern healthcare facility like UCHealth’s Anschutz Medical Campus, a vast amount of space is required to provide a truly comprehensive healthcare experience to the two million patients treated annually at the campus. In order to help patients find where they needed to go, thus enhancing the patient experience and reducing costly appointment no-shows, UCHealth wanted to integrate a robust, accurate and easy-to-use mapping solution within their mobile app. Furthermore, the map would have to be not only clear, but empowered with wayfinding technology capable of leading patients from their car parks across the campus, up and down multiple floors to specific rooms. In short, it required an extremely accurate indoor positioning and indoor navigation solution.

So how did Pointr achieve this? Well, to learn that, you’ll need to download our UCHealth case study. In it, you’ll find all the details for how Pointr planned, implemented, and ultimately delivered detailed maps for the entire Anschutz Medical Campus, integrated with highly accurate and effective indoor positioning and navigation systems, enhancing the patient experience and helping to keep UCHealth at the forefront of forward-thinking healthcare facilities.

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UCHealth is just one of the dozens of companies we've helped across the world enhance the experience of their staff, visitors, or patients. If you think that Pointr's pioneering indoor positioning, navigation, and mapping-at-scale solutions would benefit your business, get in touch today.

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