Pointr’s Auto-Routing Engine - enable digital wayfinding in your building in a heartbeat

Pointr leads the way in digital wayfinding. We're proud to announce yet another unique innovation with the world's first auto-generated routing, getting digital wayfinding ready in your building the second when floorplans are uploaded.


Previously, routes were drawn manually, which could be time-consuming and complex, but Pointr's Auto-Routing Engine makes these challenges a thing of the past and takes digital wayfinding to a new level.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • Manual route drawing vs. automatic route generation.
  • Customer and end-user benefits of auto-route generation.
  • A summary of our unique auto-routing enhancement.

Manual routes vs. automatic route generation

Routes drawn manually

Prior to the introduction of Pointr's new auto-routing engine, routes were drawn manually by the Pointr team, which led to inflexibility if they required subsequent fine-tuning. This could be an extremely time-consuming process if you're handling thousands of maps.

Fortunately, with auto-generated routing, manual plotting of routes is no longer necessary!

Our new auto-route generation innovation provides our customers with an end-to-end solution for location services, from ultra-fast map production to automated route generation, enabling digital mapping and wayfinding at scale in a heartbeat.

Auto-generation in the new Pointr Cloud now draws routes automatically

Innovated exclusively by Pointr, automatic route generation means no longer a need to draw routes manually.

The AI-powered auto-routing technology can automatically analyze digital maps and generate paths for wayfinding by defining obstacles within maps, such as walls, doors, chairs, and desks.

The improved indoor positioning algorithms can keep end users on track with intuitive turn-by-turn navigation directions displayed as text (e.g., turn left in 2 mins) to deliver the best wayfinding experience possible. Pointr's wayfinding also works as a "magnetic rail" - the algorithms identify the best routes to the destination using the defined routes as guidelines and automatically calculate the rerouting paths if users stray from the trails. 


Customer and end-user benefits of auto-generation

Our vision is to provide our customers with a way to digitize their buildings at scale quickly with one switch on a single platform. Our exciting auto-routing technology can get wayfinding ready the moment MapScale® converts floorplans into interactive digital maps. 

Following are some innovative new features auto-routing brings to the Pointr Deep Location® platform.

1. Automatic path generation - say goodbye to manual routing topology processes, get wayfinding enabled in your building instantly with no human intervention - 100% automated! 

Automatic path generation-1 Automatic path generation-2


2. Intuitive turn-by-turn walking directions as text - auto-routing engine generates easy-to-follow text instructions for directions that help users better understand which way to go. (e.g., turn right, turn slightly left).



3. Smart re-routing when a user strays from the original path - in this example, the user wandered off-path and was heading away from the original route to the desired destination. The system was able to provide an alternative route with helpful text directions to guide them to their destination.

Smart re-routing-2 Smart re-routing-1

With the revolutionary auto-routing technology, it's now possible to quickly enable wayfinding on top of a digital map, delivering a seamless, scalable, and industry-leading wayfinding experience in a scalable way.

Auto-routing can automate traditional manual routing topology processes, including:

  • Creating wayfinding routes on top of digital maps instantly.
  • Automatically calculating and displaying accessible vs. inaccessible areas on heatmaps, allowing users to review and fine-tune the paths via Pointr Cloud (our map content management system) if needed.
  • Generating text instructions for directions, assisting users in better understanding which route to follow. (e.g., turn right, turn slightly left).
  • Identifying entry/exit points to develop all possible paths for users.
  • Smart re-routing provides the best alternative route when users go off the original paths.
  • Supporting accessible and comfortable route options (fully automatic):
    • Accessible - step-free routes that are accessible by wheelchairs and disabled users, including lifts & ramps.
    • Comfortable - minimizing the number of steps users need to take, including escalators or the shortest routes for users who don't want to walk too far.

Combining with MapScale® - Pointr's ultra-fast map production technology and Pointr Cloud - Pointr's user-friendly map content system, Pointr's Deep Location® users can enable digital maps and wayfinding in a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months of work and manual processes.


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